Best Transparent Bottom Inflatable Boats (Rated 2023)

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Transparent bottom inflatable boats have a bottom made of glass or other transparent material, making the passengers experience the underwater environment inside the boat. They were initially used in Santa Catalina Island of South California but became popular in Florida when tourists started to visit there. However, this boat is seldom found in markets as it is not actively manufactured anymore because of less demand. Boats with glass flooring look aesthetic but are of less use since they are best suited for tours since the glass is susceptible to break during other recreational activities.

Some companies like Aquavue and Airtime have been manufacturing transparent bottom inflatable rafts for kids so that enthusiastic young sailors can experience the underwater environment while sitting in their inflatable boats. However, don’t let your kids go near the waters without adult supervision! Make sure you have an eye on them while they’re experiencing underwater on the transparent bottom rafts.

But if you’re interested in investing in one transparent bottom inflatable boat, here is a list of some boats you can choose from.

1. Clear Bottom Boats by Axa Marine

For many years, Axa Marine has been manufacturing transparent bottom inflatable boats in many sizes. These boats have air chambers with a safety valve that wards off over inflation.

Axa has manufactured numerous transparent bottom inflatable models with slight modifications in their specifications, such as the RXK-200, RXK-240, 4XK-270, and RXK-300. These models have slight changes in lengths and widths and the latest models have increased engine power and a higher number of air chambers.

The boats are made out of commercial-grade, high-quality PVC fabric, which makes rigid inflatable boats last for years. Available in an array of beautiful colors, Axa Marine Clear Bottom inflatable boats can be customized too! If you prefer windowed clear bottom over an all-clear bottom or the other way around, don’t worry since this inflatable dinghy can be customized according to your needs! To make the deflation process easier, a one-way drain valve plug is attached to the boat for the air to pass out.

This hull of the boat is transparent but is durable and sturdy at the same time since it is made from a heavy-duty and lightweight material. A double-layered fabric is added to the bottom of the PVC boat to increase stability and durability. The heavy-duty plywood transom supports an outboard motor if you wish to install it.

Some accessories like aluminum oars, a bench seat, a foot pump, and a repair kit come with the Axa Marine transparent inflatable boat, which gives you another reason to get it on your wish list! Additional classic accessories such as fishing rod holders, hand pump, electric pump, motor mount, oar locks are also available.

2. Glass Inflatable Boats by Lomac Tender

Allowing travelers to experience underwater surroundings while sitting in the boat, the Lomac is characterized by a windowed clear bottom. The Lomac’s clear bottom boats are made in three sizes with simplistic designs. The few accessories with the transparent bottom raft are oar holders, rope handles, and one transparent hull.

What makes the Lomac transparent bottom boats unique is their durability. The boat tubes are constructed from a high-quality, commercial-grade Hypalon fabric that is far more durable than PVC. Lomac has ensured further longevity of their transparent boats by constructing the bottom with a limber board that is more resilient than glass.

Marine plywood, a material that is widely used in the construction of inflatable boats, is used to make the transom, which is strong enough to efficiently support an outboard motor, making the boat suitable for cruising! Some people even use it for fishing but of course the main purpose of these types of boats isn’t fishing. But if you are into fishing why not give it a try!

The three boat models are Tender 200 Glass, Tender 220 Glass, and Tender 240 Glass, with slight variations in the number of chambers and maximum capacity. The latest Tender 240 has the maximum load capacity and highest engine power.

3. Clear Bottom Boats by BangkaPro

BangkaPro has been manufacturing clear bottom boats in four sizes, CSK 270, CSK 330, and CSK 360. These models have slight variations in max load capacity, engine powers, dimensions, and maximum capacity. The boats are made using PVC, but the highlight of this boat is the 5mm sturdy bottom made out of the indestructible hardened polycarbonate, a material widely used in shields and car windshields.

The bottom of the tubes has double-layered PVC that further enhances the boat’s durability. Furthermore, a transom made out of Marine-grade plywood is there to support an outboard motor efficiently. There are air chambers to inflate the boat and a one-way air valve to deflate the raft easily.

A few accessories that purchase BangkaPro Clear Bottom Inflatable Boats are a repair kit, a high-volume foot pump, aluminum oars, and a Marine plywood seat.

4. Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft by Aquavue Voyager

Having a transparent bottom that serves as a window to the underwater, the Aquavue voyager is a great option for kids. Your little one won’t miss out on a joyous underwater journey because he can use the Aquavue clear bottom raft transparent bottom for marine exploration. Furthermore, this boat has excellent safety features, such as safety handles and one pull rope

The valves have a backflow prevention feature to make the inflation secure. It also has a one-way air valve that makes deflation possible in almost less than a minute.

5. View Bottom Boat by Airtime Clear


The transparent window at the bottom of the boat makes it perfect for swimming pool activities in the summer! The clear bottom serves as a window that bridges the gap between the raft and underwater surroundings. It is simple and compact and easy to inflate and deflate.

It is only recommended to use swimming pools because of their limited safety features. Unlike other transparent bottom inflatable boats mentioned above, the Airtime Clear View boat does not have pull ropes and handles.

Buying Guide

How to choose the right kind of transparent bottom inflatable boat? It will help if you put some things under consideration before getting an inflatable boat.

What is Your Budget?

How much money are you willing to spend on the transparent bottom inflatable boat. Mind you, the clear bottom boats are mostly used for tours and aren’t of much use for recreational activities, so spending a huge sum of money on it isn’t worth it.

How Many People Will Be in The Boat?

How many people will be traveling with you? You should look for a raft of appropriate capacity to accommodate all the travelers.

How Much Space Does the Boat Take?

When deflated, what is the size of the boat? Do you have enough space to store it easily? And when inflated, is it small enough to fit in the back of your car or pickup truck? Is it portable, and can you easily carry it? Is your storage space enough to keep the inflatable boat? Think about all these things and then make your decision! 


Q) What is the best time to use this boat?

Ans. There is no best time to use this boat; however, many people use this for whale watching. The whale watching season starts in November and ends in May.

Q) How is the glass durable? What is the secret behind it?

Ans. Modified acrylic is used to make the glass ultra-durable and indestructible.

Q) What engine should I install in my glass-bottom boat?

Ans. It depends on you. You can go with outboard gas or inboard diesel engines, which will work perfectly fine. Choose any engine manufacturer that has an authorized service center near your vicinity.

Last updated: 13/05/2023

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