Sea Eagle 350fx Inflatable Kayak Review (2023)

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Fishing is certainly a fun experience if you have the right equipment. When it comes to a boat for your fishing adventures, you have various options. You can either stick with a traditional boat or invest your money in an inflatable one.

An inflatable boat is considered a better pick for fishing because of its hundreds of benefits. The most significant benefit of selecting an inflatable boat for fishing is portability. These vessels are extremely compact and easy to transport. Unlike traditional watercraft, you don’t need a trailer to transport your boat from your garage to the river.

However, there are several types of inflatable boats available in the market, including inflatable dinghies, inflatable pontoon boats, inflatable rafts, and, of course, inflatable kayaks. For fishing, a good-quality inflatable kayak is undoubtedly the best choice.

There are a lot of variations of inflatable kayaks available in the market. In this article, we have provided a complete “Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat Review”, helping you select an inflatable kayak that is worth every single penny.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Sea Eagle 350FX Inflatable Fishing Explorer Kayak

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Sea Eagle 350fx Inflatable Kayak – An Overview

There are thousands of manufacturers available out there offering inflatable kayaks with a variety of features and specifications. As no two companies are the same, each model has something new to offer. Sea Eagle is considered one of the leading manufacturers of inflatable boats, including inflatable kayaks.

Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable kayak is a fully accessorized, beefed up, and robust version of the fully-rugged Explorer series. This vessel is specially designed for avid fishermen and hunters. It is one of the most durable and strong inflatable kayaks available out there, made from 2000 Denier reinforced layers, which is considered the strongest material for inflatable boats.

An inflatable kayak is certainly an economical choice as it allows you to save a lot of bucks on trailer issues, ramp fees, and costly fuels. However, you cannot just buy any product that states an inflatable kayak in its name. You have to do your homework and do a little research.

The best inflatable kayak does not just contain a durable and premium quality hull; it offers several other useful features and accessories: as discussed below!

Features & Specifications

When it comes to features and accessories, Sea Eagle 350fx is certainly dominating the industry. This model is superior in every way possible. It is made of a 2000 Denier reinforced layer that offers excellent resistance against abrasion, UV rays, punctures, and many more.

Besides its durable material, Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable kayak features 575 lbs of maximum weight capacity, anchor trolley D-rings, 40-inch fish ruler, adjustable foot brace, lures, hooks, accessory bels, spray skirts, rod holders, and many more.

One of the biggest selling points of the Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat is its design. This inflatable kayak is extremely compact and lightweight. You don’t have too much effort in its assemble due to its excellent design. On average, this inflatable kayak can be assembled within 10 minutes, which is quite impressive!

Number Of Paddlers

Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat is designed for just one adult. It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 575 lbs that can easily hold an adult and a dog with all the necessary gears and equipment.


Sea Eagle 350fx model is made of 2000 Denier reinforced sections with 1100 Decitex PVC material, which has excellent resistance to puncture, sunlight, and UV rays. Also Sea Eagle explorer has extra protective layers of crocodile hide material.


  • Inner Width – 17” / Inner Length – 10’
  • Outer Width – 39” / Outer Length – 11’5”
  • Weight – 50.7 lbs
  • Load Capacity – 575 lbs
  • Inflation pressure – 3.2 PSI
  • Engine capacity – electric with a max weight of 15 lbs
  • Air valves – 3 recessed one-way valves
  • Deflated dimensions – 31” x 19” x 10”

Best Uses

Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable kayak is specially designed for fishing adventures. This durable vessel is suitable for all types of waters, including freshwater, saltwater, and whitewater with class IV rapids. This model is nothing if not versatile. Besides fishing, it can be used for expeditions or carrying lots of weight.


  • Quite functional for fishing
  • Quick to turn
  • Easy to paddle
  • Comfortable and easy to assemble
  • Durable material
  • Super stable


  • Not that fast

Sea Eagle 350fx Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Now that you know all about Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable kayak, it’s time to ask, is it worth your time and money?

Well, compared to other models available in the market, Sea Eagle 350fx is undoubtedly the best pick for you. It is superior in every way possible. Although it is loaded with essential and valuable features, this inflatable boat is still quite budget-friendly.

There are several reasons why you should get yourself Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable kayak, such as:

Durable Material

When it comes to inflatable kayaks, the most important thing to consider is their durability. The last thing you want is a vessel that won’t even last a week. Most people think that as inflatable boats are made of flexible tubes, they are not actually that durable. However, this is far from the truth.

Compared to traditional vessels, inflatable boats are certainly not that rigid. However, they are quite durable and strong as long as you are getting the best model possible. The durability of an inflatable boat is determined by its material. If your selected watercraft is made of premium-quality material, it will certainly last for years to come.

Fortunately, the Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat is made of the best material possible. This vessel is designed with 2000 Denier reinforced sections with 1100 Decitex PVC material. This material has excellent resistance against puncture, sunlight, and UV rays.

Due to the high-quality material, Sea Eagle 350fx is one of the most stable and reliable inflatable kayaks available on the market. It is extremely easy to assemble and ultra-comfortable. Moreover, thanks to its pontoon-like sides, you can bring your pet without worrying about them falling into the water.

3 Air Chambers

Inflatable kayaks are actually flexible tubes with pressurized gas in them. Therefore, it’s completely reasonable to wonder, what will happen in case of a puncture?

A tube getting punctured is not actually that rare. However, if that happens when you are flying over water, it could end up really badly. Therefore, getting an inflatable kayak that focuses on safety is certainly a rational decision.

Well, when it comes to Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable kayak, you don’t have to worry about punctures. As this vessel is made of long-lasting reinforced material, punctures should be the last on your mind. That being said, accidents happen. To protect you in the worst scenario, Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat comes with 3 air chambers.

This kayak contains 3 one-way air chambers: one on the floor and two on each side. So, if you end up damaging one chamber, the other two will allow you to paddle back to shore without facing any issues.

Storage Space

Fishing is both fun and time-consuming. Sometimes, fishermen spend their whole day on the water to enjoy this calming adventure. Therefore, you need a lot of storage space to bring all the essential gear and equipment – especially if you are fishing alone.

Luckily, when it comes to the spaciousness, Sea Eagle 350fx is dominating the industry. This vessel features 575 lbs of maximum load capacity. If one adult is around 200 lbs, you’ll still have 375 lbs of weighting all the essential gear and equipment.

Moreover, although Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat is compact and highly portable, it still offers enough space to carry one adult, one or two dogs, and essential equipment. This boat also comes with dedicated storage spaces to store your gear and valuables.

On top of that, you also get 22 D-rings with Sea Eagle inflatable kayak. These 22 D-rings are enough to secure your comfortable seat and all the equipment you want to bring. With these D-rings, you can rest assured that your valuables are protected even when flying through heavy chops. This Sea Eagle model can also hold an electric trolling motor with a maximum weight limit of 15 lbs.

Backrest And Footrest

As mentioned earlier, fishing is a tiring and time-consuming activity. You don’t want to spend hours on the water with an uncomfortable seat. It will not only affect your fishing experience but also cause a lot of pain.

Sea Eagle 350fx kayak comes with high-back seats. The company is constantly working on these seats to make a more durable and comfortable version. The latest version of the Sea Eagle high-back seat comes on the bottom and has a rigid adjustable back. This seat even includes a zippered back pouch, allowing you to save your valuables and gears.

The Sea Eagle seats also come with backrests that can come in handy on your long fishing adventures. Thanks to the D-rings, you can easily adjust and secure your seat anywhere: near the back or in the middle. Besides the backrest, this model also features a footrest.

The Sea Eagle FlexBrace ergonomic foot brace is comfortable and fully adjustable. You can adjust this foot brace depending on your height. This foot brace is quite beneficial in case you want to optimize your power when paddling. It is quite durable and long-lasting and is certainly a cool feature.

Fishing-Friendly Feature

Sea Eagle 350fx fishing explorer inflatable kayak is specially designed for fishing. So, it is not that surprising to see the wide range of fishing-friendly features that come with this model. It is believed that when it comes to inflatable kayaks, you always get what you pay for. However, even though this vessel is loaded with essential features, it still comes with a budget-friendly price tag.

there are several fishing-friendly features you get with Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable fishing kayak, including:

  • Fish Ruler – This model comes with a 40-inch fish ruler that is undoubtedly a thoughtful touch. This fish ruler allows you to easily and quickly measure your catch that can come in handy to document the size.
  • Anchor Trolley – Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable kayak comes with two D-rings attached on both front and back. These D-rings work as anchor trolleys to control the location and position of your anchor point, allowing you to hold your place while controlling your anchor point.
  • Motor Mount Receiver – This inflatable fishing kayak is compatible with trolling motor. It comes with a Sea Eagle motor mount receiver that allows you to mount a small motor with your vessel. If you don’t have a trolling motor, you can get the Sea Eagle Pro Motor Fishing Rig Package, which includes a lightweight electric motor as well.
  • Black Side Tubes – One of the main differences between other kayaks and the Sea Eagle 350fx fishing explorer model is the black slide tube section. This section is made of 2000 Denier reinforced fabric that is nearly indestructible. With these extra-tough sides, your boat will be protected from abrasions, hooks, and sharp fins.
  • Rod, Hook, and other Holders – Getting an inflatable fishing kayak that is specially designed for fishing has several benefits. For instance, it comes with numerous holders. Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat comes with numerous lures, hooks, tools, and rod holders, allowing you to keep your hands free as much as possible.

High-Pressure Floor

The floor is another important thing to consider while getting an inflatable boat. You select must come with a rigid and stable floor that is also durable. There are different options when it comes to flooring. While some manufacturers use inflatable floors, others prefer aluminum or wooden ones.

Both of these approaches have their own strengths and weaknesses. While a vessel with an inflatable floor is inexpensive, it is certainly not as stable as the rigid one. Alternatively, the rigid floors are quite expensive and not very compact. If you are selecting a boat with a rigid floor, you are certainly compromising the portability of that certain vessel in order to get superior rigidity.

Sea Eagle 350fx fishing explorer inflatable kayak comes with an inflatable floor. Although it is inflatable, this high-pressure floor is quite rigid and stable. Moreover, as it is completely removable, you can easily clean it without facing any issues.

Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat’s floor is reinforced with another layer of 1000 Denier fabric. This means the flooring of this vessel is even more durable than the rest of the parts. It even has a non-slip foam padding and extra layers of crocodile hide material. This crocodile hide material ensures durability and rigidness.

Spray Skirts

Spray skirts are another fishing-friendly feature you get with Sea Eagle fishing explorer. Spray skirts are actually splashing guards that protect your vessel from splashes. These parts can be quite helpful if you like to bring valuable items and gear while fishing. Spray skirts protect your boat from splashes and even offer protected storage space underneath.


There are different types of inflatable boats available out there, and each variation has something unique to offer. When it comes to inflatable kayaks, speed is certainly not their best suit. Inflatable kayaks are not actually known for their fast speeds.

That being said, Sea Eagle 350fx will not disappoint in terms of performance. The convenient clip-in fins and rigid high-pressure floor keep it gliding smooth and help with tracking. The boat is extremely easy to paddle and maneuver. It turns quickly without looking for balance and stability, which is certainly helpful while dealing with boat wake or gliding on the whitewater. There are 8 high-capacity self-bailing drain valves on each side of the floor in the kayak for a total of 16 drain valves. These drain valves are great to use when paddling through rapids and ideal for letting out any extra water that has gathered in the kayak.

As Sea Eagle 350fx is a one-person inflatable boat, you don’t have to put much effort while paddling it. It is certainly an excellent investment if you are a fishing enthusiast and want to spend some “ME” time on the water.

In addition to the paddling, Sea Eagle 350fx inflatable boat even allows you to mount an electric trolling motor. The most significant benefit of a motor is that you can put off a whole focus on the fishing. You don’t have to worry about paddling or anything; get your fish and move on!

Before you go on and invest your money into a trolling motor, make sure to read the description to get the best motor for your vessel. Remember, kayaks are not designed for larger and more powerful motors. So, try to get a smaller trolling motor with a maximum weight of 15 lbs.

Final Verdict

Are you looking for the best inflatable fishing kayak that is worth every single penny? Well, you have come to the right place. Above, we have provided a comprehensive “Sea Eagle 350fx kayak review,” allowing you to make a decision.

In a nutshell, Sea Eagle 350fx is an excellent investment for you. This one-person inflatable kayak is made of premium-quality 2000 Denier reinforced material that resists punctures and is considered indestructible.

Moreover, as this boat is designed for fishermen, it is loaded with essential and useful features. This inflatable kayak comes with a fish ruler, rod holders, splash guards, and many more. To hold all these gears, it even has an impressive load capacity of 575 lbs, which is enough to hold one adult, one or two dogs, and all the essential gear and equipment with a trolling motor!

Last updated: 13/05/2023

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