Best Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats, Canoe, and Kayaks Review For 2023

0.sea eagle inflatable boats canoe and kayaks review for 2022
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Sea Eagle has established its firm footing in the boat market ever since it started manufacturing high-quality canoes and boats. Sea eagle’s main motivation was to build portable boats that couldn’t require a huge amount of storage space. The boat takes up a small amount of space, and therefore it could easily be stored in the back of your staircase or the trunk of your car. This boat has been widely popular among customers as it saves one from the hassle of booking a roof rack or trailer to carry it.

Sea Eagle inflatables aren’t like those typical hard-shell boats; thus, they weigh much lighter than their hard-shell equivalents. The lightweight of the Sea eagle boat makes carrying the boat very convenient for the traveler, especially if he’s on his own at the shore for a solo trip. Up till now, we have given you a brief introduction to Sea Eagle’s easy-to-carry and lightweight boats and why they are much better than the traditional hard shell boats. We will walk you through some of the best Sea Eagle inflatable boats canoes, and kayaks, so stay tuned!

Exploring Sea Eagle’s Best Sellers

It’s not like Sea Eagle has a fixed number of boats that stand out. Every model is manufactured to perfection and is extremely stable in the water; however, some models tend to be the cream of all the boats. A prime example of one of them is the Sea Eagle SE370 kayak!

1. Sea Eagle SE370 Kayak

Characterized by a length of 144 inches and a width of 30 inches, the popular SE370 is available in stunning electric blue and white colors and has a dry weight of around 24 pounds. Its exterior is perfectly designed, which will attract kayakers, but its interior is no less in comfort.

sea eagle se370 kayak

Sea Eagle Inflatable Portable Sport Kayak

$265.99  in stock
as of 21.06.2024 21:42


It is made with polykrylar, a tear-resistant plastic polymer used to enhance the stability and toughness of the boat. It makes the boat’s surface resistible against sharp rocks and hard surfaces. Moreover, this material is flexible enough to be welded, which can be given a beautiful shape, making the boat’s design even better. A kayak made of a light frame with a stable seat, the SE370 inflatable kayak is one of the best available options for a kayak!


The process of setting it up is quick and easy, which is another reason to get your hands on this convenient inflatable kayak! The bow and stern of SE370 are covered with a spray that keeps all your luggage safe from being exposed to water. This kayak has spray decks installed, which are flexible waterproof covers for the boat to prevent unwanted water from gathering in the inflatable boat. In SE370, you will get the option of tying your gear on top of the brilliant spray decks to safeguard your gear from the undesired splashes of water! Don’t worry, Sea Eagle gives bow and stern deck lines, which you can use to tie up your gear on the spray deck.


Furthermore, an added bonus is the lightweight of the inflatable boat, which makes it extremely convenient to carry. It has sufficient space to carry around 3 travelers, or 2 travelers, and a pet. The pet will remain comfortable and won’t get jittery because the kayak offers a stable ride. Moreover, the inflatable boat is built in such a way that it is easy to navigate through the waters.


This model is NMMA certified, which means the boat has gone through intensive testing and has ticked off all ticks concerning safety standards. It consists of three air chambers, which is good since if one air chamber malfunctions, the other two can do the job perfectly.

What Will You Get with The Kayak?

A complete box of classic accessories, a couple of paddles which are characterized by a length of 7ft and 10 inches. Moreover, an air pump is provided to inflate the boat whenever you want! Lastly, the most important repair kit is also there to get you through emergencies if the inflatable boat gets damaged or some part of it gets marred. You will be given a tote bag to store the inflatable kayak after deflating it.


  • This kayak can last long up to years because of its excellent build.
  • It has enough space to carry your pets along.
  • It is extremely easy to navigate.


  • The paddles provided with the inflatable boat might be short in length, which is a disadvantage for short-heightened kayakers.

Next is the tandem kayak, which is commonly known as the ‘double kayak’. This sort of boat allows the passenger to sit inside or on top of the inflatable boat. It is also categorized as a hard shell boat, the sort which are. The highlight feature of the tandem is that it has seats for two.

2. Sea Eagle SE330

It is also one of the leading kayaks of the Sea Eagle kayak line. It is a shorter version of the SE370, which provides the same value that the SE370 does. If you’re looking for a kayak that’s close-packed and firm, Sea Eagle SE330 has got to be the best pick! The compactness of the boat will make your water adventure even more fun and comfortable.

sea eagle se330

Sea Eagle Inflatable Sport Boat

$224.99  in stock
as of 21.06.2024 21:42


The SE330 tandem was designed to provide a stable and durable ride on the water. Whether flatwater or high waves and rapids, the SE330 won’t disappoint because its toughness won’t let it become unstable. The inflation and deflation process of the inflatable boat is super quick and easy, and once it is deflated, you can utilize the carry bag to transport the tandem. Deflating the boat provides you flexibility big time as you can carry it to places easily. Suppose you have the shore near your home, you would want to transport the boat from home to the shore without hassle, right? SE330 will give you this flexibility as it’s small and lightweight.


This tandem is suitable to be used for class I, class II, and even class III rivers! Be it rapids or high waves, nothing is stopping the SE330! Use it for flatwater paddling, transporting objects, or just for marine exploration, this inflatable boat will satisfy all your needs! Like its bigger version, SE370, the SE330 has three air chambers installed to ensure buoyancy in the unfortunate event that one of the air chambers goes out.


This tandem is characterized by a length of 11 ft which is perfect to accommodate two to three people. Passengers have enough space to sit in a comfortable position. The weight-carrying capacity of this tandem is around 500 pounds, which is enough to load your gear for a couple of days.

The best part about the tandem is that you can use it for a solo ride. When you’re paddling solo, you’ll have more space to keep your luggage; hence you can plan a trip for more nights. This flexibility will definitely be favorable to you! Sea Eagle has always been focusing on customer satisfaction, which is why they make versatile and evergreen models!


Like all other Sea Eagle models, the SE330 is also made from a commercial-grade polymer called ‘polykrylar PVC .’This tandem has seams that are welded using heat; the heat strengthens the boat. Sea Eagle uses an I-beam floor to strengthen the floor further and ensure safety.

The high-quality hull is made to survive all sorts of waters. This tandem will resist all weather conditions, whether you’re paddling in saltwater on a bright, sunny day or chilly night! A cherry on top is that it has a couple of rear skegs that make it easy for you to navigate and track in flat water.

At the bottom of the hull, two skegs are added to help the traveler with tracking his way. Nobody likes the unwanted water that gets gathered inside their boats/kayaks. To safeguard the boat from undesired water, Sea Eagle has made use of a bow and stern that helps in minimizing water splash entry.

Two grab lines are also given with the inflatable boat, which means that carrying the boat toward the shore isn’t a tiresome process anymore!

So, what are you waiting for? This is your reminder to get your hands on the affordable yet durable SE330.

What Will You Get with The Tandem?

With this tandem, you will get a foot pump, a carry bag to carry the disassembled tandem, and two inflatable seats for the passengers. You will also get two lightweight paddles; therefore, transporting them isn’t a hassle.


  • The tandem is durable and stable.
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate 2 people yet is great for a solo ride.
  • It is extremely easy to navigate.
  • The seats are removable therefore allowing room for more flexibility.
  • It is dog friendly.


  • None found as of now.

We will move forward to the best all-rounder vessel by Sea Eagle, the Sea Eagle 380X Explorer. This boat has been massively popular because of its variety of amazing features and the flexibility it offers!

3. Sea Eagle 380X Explorer

Falls into the category of Sea Eagle kayaks, the Sea Eagle 380X is fit to be used on rivers, seawater, oceans, and even flatwater! Furthermore, it is suited to be used on Class I, Class II, Class III, and even Class IV rivers. So now, you don’t have to worry about difficult rapids, constricted passages, or high waves because the Sea Eagle 380X Explorer is here, which is extremely easy to maneuver the way through it all! The kayak is large enough to accommodate 2 to 3 fully grown adults. In case you’re traveling solo, or with one other person, you can even bring along a pet.

sea eagle 380x explorer

Sea Eagle Inflatable 380X Explorer Kayak

$1,109.00  in stock
6 new from $1,109.00
as of 21.06.2024 21:42


There is no question about the durability and longevity of this boat because of its rigid construction. This model is constructed using commercial-grade PVC fabric that’s popular for its toughness in the boating industry. Be it rivers, large oceans, or even lakes, the Sea Eagle Explorer is guaranteed to give you a memorable ride.

The boat’s air floor further adds to the overall durability of the boat. The air floor is made from a drop-stitched PVC material which is specially designed for the boat. This material increased the speed and overall performance of the boat. This floor is rigid and strong and has overlapped seams that are hotly welded together. Whether your boat gets hit by rocks, sharp surfaces, or a dog’s claws, its drop-stitched air floor will prevent it from tearing.

Moreover, there are a total of three air chambers installed in the boat for buoyance. In case one of them stops working, the other two could be fit for the job.


The durable construction ensures the high safety standards of the boat. The air chambers, drop stitch air floor, and commercial-grade material ensures the boat is safe for the traveler.


The kayak is 12 ft and 6 inches long in length and 39 inches wide. These long dimensions are to make room for two to three people and increase convenience. Since it is big in size, it can perform well in all sorts of water. It is spacious, but not big enough like the traditional old kayak that storing it becomes a trouble. When the boat is not in use for long periods of time, you can deflate the boat because it’s inflatable and use it again when in need. At the time of purchase, the company provides a foot pump for inflating the boat. Its dry weight is about 40 pounds, making it perfectly suitable to be stored under your staircase, the back of your truck, or even on your car’s back seat. After deflation, the kayak is only 31 inches long in length and has a slightly lesser width than that; hence you can place it in your storeroom or any small place. Furthermore, it is lightweight so you can carry it easily to and from the shore!


The best part of this boat is the removable skeg that is placed underneath the boat. These skegs make it easy for the passenger to track his way on the water, which is a really handy feature.

Moreover, the boat has a perfect drainage system since there are a total of sixteen drain valves that can be left open or closed, depending on the type of water on which you’re traveling. Open valves are generally preferred when the boat is in class III or IV type rivers, while on flat water, the valves are better off closed.

This kayak was manufactured for high-performance water activities. So, if you’re looking for a vessel to fulfill your adventurous desires, then Sea Eagle 380X would be the perfect pick!

Go for marine exploration, camping, or fishing on this boat and have the best boating experience of your life!

What Will You Get with The Kayak?

An air pump is provided to inflate the boat whenever you want! The most important repair kit is also there to get you through emergency situations if the boat gets damaged or some part of it gets marred. You will be given a tote bag to store the inflatable kayak after deflating it.


  • The kayak is safe and secure for you to use.
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate 2 to 3 people but can also be used for a solo ride.
  • The inflatable seats are removable therefore allowing room for more flexibility.
  • It is pet friendly.


  • None have been found as of now.

Let’s explore one of the best canoes Sea Eagle has to offer!

4. Sea Eagle TC16 Inflatable Canoe

A long 16-foot-long inflatable canoe is just what you need to plan a fishing trip with your family, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Sea Eagle TC16 to have a fun-filled summer with your family on the shore. Are you not convinced to buy this boat? Walk through the Sea Eagle TC16 qualities in this article and decide for yourself!

sea eagle tc16 inflatable canoe

Sea Eagle TC16 Inflatable Travel Canoe

$1,799.00  in stock
as of 21.06.2024 21:42


This model has a PVC drop-stitch construction that gives it a tough finishing and firm feel. Three chambers ensure the passenger gets a safe and stable ride even if the boat is traveling somewhere in rapids. Furthermore, the boat has flat and rigid sides, which increases the efficiency and speed of the boat.

The drop stitch floor is extra stable because it is padded using the anti-slip EVA deck padding, a foam that provides protection against bumps and pressure dents. This foam is highly efficient because it makes the boat even more durable for pets and humans.


The boat is durable and rigid enough to survive the harsh rapids and constricted passages on Class IV rivers. You can find a skeg at the bottom of the boat that helps in tracking your way on the water. Moreover, the front and back of the boat feature plastic molds that are perfect for moving in the water smoothly. These molds also cause the boat to move at a higher speed while consuming the minimum amount of power.


Unlike the traditional canoes that took up a huge amount of space in your house, the Sea Eagle TC16 is portable enough to fit in your car’s back seat or trunk. You can carry it for transportation purposes very easily since it has lightweight. Spacious enough for two to three paddlers, the Sea Eagle TC16 has plenty of capacity to store a lot of gear.

If you live in a small apartment or condo, storing this boat won’t be a trouble since it is small in size and therefore requires little storage space. After deflation, the boat weighs 40 by 14 by 16 inches and thus can be kept easily in your car’s back seat.


It has an excellent build, and some of its features make the ride really convenient. The hull is flat, meaning the boat gives an excellent and stable ride on flat water.

What Will You Get with The Kayak?

A repair kit and carry bag are given with the purchase.


  • The boat is safe and secure for you to use.
  • It is spacious enough to accommodate your family.
  • The inflatable seats are removable therefore allowing room for more flexibility.
  • It is pet friendly.
  • Because the canoe’s lightweight, storing and transporting it isn’t a hassle.


  • The hard seats might make you uncomfortable.

5. The Speedy Sea Eagle Razorlite 393RL

Are you an adventurous person who would love to go for a thrilling boat ride? Do you need a boat that will give satisfy your inner adventurer?! Well, then get your hands on this exclusive speedy Sea Eagle Razorlight!

This inflatable boat falls in the category of the kayak. It has been designed for a solo ride; hence it is compact and small in size. You can think of it as an inflatable paddle board because of its solidity and rigidness. This small paddleboard will move smoothly in the water at high speed and won’t give you a tough time while paddling!

the speedy sea eagle razorlite 393rl

Sea Eagle 393RL RazorLite Inflatable Kayak Pro

$993.42  in stock
5 new from $993.42
as of 21.06.2024 21:42


The tough construction using a commercial-grade polymer makes the boat safe for you to travel. There are skegs at the bottom of the boat, which protect the propellor and rudder from obstructions found in the water.


Like the TC16 kayak by Sea Eagle, the front and back of Razorlite have plastic molds that help the boat move around in the water easily. Sea Eagle has made use of drop stitch technology for extra durability and toughness. The drop-stitch PVC has been applied on the sides for a firm finish and extra stability. These layers of stability result in an unbeatable and strong Razorlight!

The kayak is characterized by a length of 12 ft and 9 inches which makes it perfectly suitable for solo traveling. The total weight carrying capacity is 500 pounds. When you’re traveling in this kayak, you don’t have to worry about the space being congested since the kayak has plenty of space to accommodate you and your gear. The dry weight of this boat is about 33 pounds, so the boat is totally maneuverable by a single person. If you are experienced and fond of going on solo trips to the sea, this boat is perfect!


The main idea behind inflatable boats is to have lightweight and portable boats. Similarly, the inflatable Razorlite has a low dry weight and is compact. Its size further reduces when you have deflated it thus, storing it isn’t really a problem. You can store it in your storeroom, in your car trunk, or even in the back seat of your car!

Because of its minimal size transporting it isn’t an issue! Once you are done using it, you can easily carry it from the shore to your car, unlike the traditional canoes that take up a huge amount of space in your house. If you live in a small apartment or condo, storing this boat won’t be a trouble since it’s small in size and therefore requires little storage space. Moreover, you can easily carry it on public transport as well in case you are craving to go to the beach, and your car isn’t available. With so much flexibility, it is really hard to say no to buying this boat.

Since it is not a hard-shell kayak, inflating and deflating it can be time-consuming, especially if you are a regular kayaker. If you don’t want to waste your time pumping it up and then letting the air out, you might want to consider any other kayak.


So many people believe that inflatable boats don’t give as speedy performance in the water as hard-shell ones, which is also true. Still, Sea Eagle has produced an efficient kayak that maximizes speed and saves fuel.

What Will You Get with The Kayak?

A repair kit and carry bag are given with the purchase.


  • The boat is safe and secure for you to use.
  • It has skegs that help you to track better
  • Its walls are made with drop stitch technology.
  • Because of the canoe’s lightweight, storing and transporting it isn’t a hassle.


  • It can get unstable if it is moving on small waves.

Final Thoughts

The Sea Eagle inflatable boats are perfect if you are looking for boats that are easy to carry, easy to store, durable, safe, and stable. There are a plethora of Sea Eagle boats available out there which have different features. The boats are equipped with the most sturdy and rigid inflatable floor to keep you and your family stable during the whole ride. Moreover, there are a couple of safety features to ensure your safe journey. High-speed boats, inflatable kayaks, canoes, and many more models are available from which you can choose a boat that suits your needs best. The boats are suited to move smoothly on flat water, class I, class II, class II, and even class IV rivers. The best part about Sea Eagle boats is that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg and come with a pack of useful accessories. So don’t waste your time looking for more options because the Sea Eagle’s models are perfect for giving you the best ride!

Buying Guide

Sea Eagle has so many excellent quality boats available, with each model differing slightly in features. You know your budget, and now you are exploring the marketplace to find a great boat for yourself. However, please do not buy the boat simply because it looks appealing to you or because it has a classic design. You should know the things to look for in a boat, such as its storage space, features, durability, and toughness.

Moreover, you should be aware of your requirements. What sort of boat are you looking for? How many people will you be traveling with? Most importantly, where will you be using the boat? Do you have a location in mind for that? What will be the weight of your gear, approximately? We will be analyzing some of the things you need to consider before buying a boat. You must list your requirements before investing money in the boat.

How Many People Will Be Travelling with You?

Look for a boat that has enough room to accommodate all the people you are looking to travel with. If you are a solo kayaker, then a boat with a capacity of one would be ideal. In case you are going fishing, you will need a bigger inflatable fishing boat to travel with all your family. Sea Eagle has a huge variety of boats from which you can choose the best inflatable boat according to your required capacity.

Where Will You Be Paddling?

If you plan to boat on Class II, III, and IV rivers, you should choose a large boat. Large boats can resist the pressure of rapids. You should also choose a boat that has a high number of air chambers, in case one of the chambers stops working, the remaining would do the job.

Know Its Size

Finally, know the dimensions of the boat. Is it so big that storing it becomes a hassle for you? Or can it be easily stored in your staircase or car trunk? In case your living space is small, you have to consider buying a small boat.


Q) Are the Sea Eagle inflatable rafts stable?

Ans. Yes! Most of the boats remain stable in water because of their hard and rigid construction. Some models, however, might get tipsy because of choppy waters.

Q) Can I use Sea Eagle inflatable boats in winter?

Ans. Yes, they are perfectly suitable for moving in cold water.

Q) How should I store my Sea Eagle inflatable boat?

Ans. These boats are small in size, and the size decreases further once you have deflated the boat. You can store them easily in your car trunk or place them in the backseat of your car. If there’s space in your storeroom or at the back of the staircase, you can store them there too.

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