Sea Eagle PackFish7 Inflatable Boat Review (2023)

sea eagle packfish7 review
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Fishing can be both a fun and frustrating experience. It is fun if you have all the essential gear and equipment with a durable and easy-to-use vessel. Alternatively, if you are stuck with a low-quality watercraft, this experience can certainly cause some long-lasting nightmares.

For fishing, one of the most important things that you need is a boat. You have two different options when it comes to selecting a fishing boat. You can either use a traditional boat or get yourself an inflatable fishing boat. In our opinion, an inflatable fishing boat is a rational pick.

We suggest investing your money into inflatable boats because they are highly portable and easy to use. Unlike a traditional watercraft, you don’t need a trailer to move your inflatable fishing boat. All you need to do is deflate it, put it into a carry bag, and transport it from your garage to the river.

sea eagle packfish7

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However, the real question is, which inflatable fishing boat is suitable for you? in this article, we have provided a complete “Sea Eagle PackFish7 Review,” allowing you to determine whether or not this inflatable fishing boat is designed for you!

Sea Eagle PackFish7 – An Overview

Selecting an inflatable boat is certainly not a piece of cake. You cannot just invest your money into the first watercraft you see on the internet. As there are thousands of inflatable frameless fishing boats out there, you must do your homework and find a vessel that is worth your time and money.

If you are looking for a stable and compact inflatable boat for your fishing adventures, you must take a look at the Sea Eagle PackFish 7 model. This inflatable boat offers everything you need to get out on the water. It is made of durable and long-lasting material that resists punctures, abrasions, and UV rays. In addition, this inflatable boat is loaded with useful features: discussed below!

For fishing, storage space is certainly one of the most important things you should consider. Fortunately, Sea Eagle PackFish7 is dominating the industry in terms of weight capacity. Although this inflatable fishing boat is extremely compact, it still offers up to 300 lbs of max weight capacity, allowing you to bring as much as gears and equipment on your journey.

One of the biggest selling points of the Sea Eagle PackFish7 inflatable boat is its construction. This inflatable boat is made with the highest quality material with all the essential hardware. Although it comes with everything, it is still highly portable and compact. On average, the assembly time of Sea Eagle PackFish7 can fall anywhere between 5-10 minutes, which is quite impressive.

Features and Product Specifications

There are thousands of companies available in the market offering inflatable frameless fishing boats. As no two companies are the same, the same goes for their products. This means you need to invest your precious time doing a little research before you invest your money.

1 sea eagle packfish7 review

It’s noteworthy to mention here that the quality of the hull is not the only thing you should consider while selecting an inflatable boat. YES, your boat must be durable, stable, and reliable. But, it should also contain several other not standard features that make fishing more convenient and fun.

Fortunately, Sea Eagle PackFish7 is loaded with useful features that you need to get out on the water. Besides its durable material, it is highly portable and long-lasting. You can easily transport this inflatable fishing boat from one place to another with a carry bag.

Moreover, Sea Eagle PackFish 7 comes with numerous fittings and fixtures to enhance your fishing experience. This inflatable boat includes fish rulers and rod holders that can come in handy for solo fishing. Here are some of the most significant features and specifications of the Sea Eagle PackFish7 inflatable boat:


  • Length – 213 cm
  • Width – 99 cm
  • Person capacity – 1
  • Hull weight – 10 kg
  • Bladder – 30ml Polykrylar
  • Large air chambers – 2 one-way recessed
  • Material – 1000 Denier PVC, 840 Denier Nylon, 30ml Polykrylar
  • Inflatable pressure – 1.1 PSI


  • Safety air chamber included
  • QuikClip Connections
  • Carry Handle
  • Heavy-Duty Fabric Floor
  • Internal and External Protective Sheath
  • Oarlock attachment system
  • Built-in stow bag
  • Rod holders
  • Fish rulers
  • Lightweight and compact
  • NMMA certified

Sea Eagle PackFish7 Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

Now that you know all about Sea Eagle PackFish7 inflatable fishing boat, it’s time to ask, is it really worth your time and money?

Well, Sea Eagle PackFish 7 inflatable boat is certainly an excellent pick for solo fishing. This watercraft comes with a capacity of 300lbs, which is enough to hold one adult and all the necessary gear and equipment that you need to get out on the water.

To give you a better perspective, below, we have compiled a list of key features that you get with the Sea Eagle PackFish7 inflatable boat:


Without any doubt, durability is the most important thing to consider while buying any boat. When it comes to inflatable fishing boats, most people think they are not that durable as these vessels are made of flexible tubes. However, this couldn’t be any far from the truth.

2 sea eagle packfish7 review

Although inflatable frameless fishing boats are made of flexible tubes, they are still quite durable and long-lasting. In fact, if you invest your money into the best inflatable fishing boat, you’ll be surprised to see that they are quite indestructible. The durability of inflatable boats is determined by their material and construction.

Fortunately, Sea Eagle PackFish7 is one of the most durable and strong inflatable boats designed for fishing purposes. This pontoon boat is made of 1000 Denier reinforced PVC, which might not be the best material for inflatable boats but offers remarkable resistance against UV rays, punctures, and abrasions.

Besides that, Sea Eagle PackFish7 also comes with 840 Denier Nylon, offering more durability and strength. For construction, the company uses industrial-strength, double-stitched overlapped nylon thread to keep all of this in shape. In addition, the pontoon boat comes with a removable wooden floorboard that offers unbeatable stability and balance.

Tracking Strips

Sea Eagle PackFish7 features 4 tracking strips located under the pontoon boat. Tracking strips might not feel like significant features, but they are extremely helpful if you are dealing with larger fish or some kind of turbulence. They help in maintain the direction of your inflatable watercraft and improve stability, which is considered one of the most ubiquitous issues related to inflatable boats.

Air Chambers

When it comes to fishing, you should never compromise on your safety. While the durability and stability of your inflatable boat reduce a lot of risks, you still have to take some extra caution. For this approach, you need to get a boat with a higher number of air chambers.

The number of air chambers a certain boat has, the safer you’ll feel over water. This is because although inflatable boats are made of puncture-resistant material, they are still flexible tubes, making them prone to abrasion and punctures. If your selected boat comes with multiple air chambers and one gets damaged, the others can be used to get to shore.

Sea Eagle PackFish7 inflatable fishing boat comes with two air chambers: the main chamber and the safety chamber. While the main chamber comes with both internal and external protective layers (external protective floor and external protective cover) you can use the safety chamber as your last line of defense in case of an accidental puncture.

The safety chamber can keep you afloat while you find your way to the shore. It’s noteworthy to mention here that the safety chamber comes with a diameter of 33cm. So, you’ll have to spend a lot of time defeating it. But, when it comes to your safety, it is certainly a doable thing!

4 sea eagle packfish7 review


If you are a fishing enthusiast, you already know that this adventure takes a lot of time. In fact, some fishermen even spend hours on the water to catch good fish. Therefore, your selected boat must offer comfort and relaxation to any angler out there.

When it comes to inflatable boats, different companies use different seating options. You can find these types of watercraft with inflatable seats as well as swivel seats. Both of these options have their own strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, inflatable boats with inflatable seats are more budget-friendly and compact. However, they are certainly not as comfortable as swivel seats. In contrast, while swivel seats are comfortable and offer more control over your surroundings, they can certainly cost a fortune.

As Sea Eagle PackFish7 is an economical inflatable fishing boat, it comes with an inflatable seat. The seat is entirely removable and adjustable to provide maximum comfort and portability. Once deflated, this seat can be stored in a carry bag for transportation. You don’t even have to worry about inflation as the standard pump comes with the necessary valve to inflatable this seat as well.

Storage Space

While buying an inflatable boat, you also have to consider the storage space – especially for fishing purposes. As mentioned earlier, the hull is not the only thing you need to go fishing. This process requires a lot of other gear and equipment. Therefore, you need a vessel that has storage space to carry all the essential gear.

It’s noteworthy to mention here that more storage space does not mean you have to compromise on the size. Although Sea Eagle PackFish7 comes in a compact size, it still offers a lot of storage space. This boat can hold up to 300 lbs of weight. If a fisherman is around 200 lbs, they will still have up to 100lbs of load capacity to store their valuables, gears, and equipment.

Moreover, Sea Eagle PackFish7 includes two side pockets, allowing you to store your valuables efficiently. Due to the compact size, the pockets are always within your reach, making them extremely helpful while solo fishing.

The boat also comes with a bottle holder, allowing you to store fresh water while enjoying fishing. You can also find some additional storage space close to your legroom.

Other Features

Besides these, Sea Eagle PackFish7 comes with some additional features, including:

3 sea eagle packfish7 review

QuikClip Connections

Sea Eagle PackFish7 comes with two QuikClip connections on each side of the vessel. These Velcro straps allow you to secure your oars effectively to avoid flopping around. This feature is quite helpful when portaging.

Backpack Carry Bag

One of the biggest selling points of inflatable boats is their portability. Luckily, Sea Eagle PackFish7 is dominating the industry when it comes to this feature. It comes with a nylon backpack carry bag that allows you to fit both an inflatable seat as well an inflatable hull.

In addition, this backpack even comes with an outside zippered pocket that can easily fit the foot pump. You can even store your oars in this backpack and use adjustable shoulder straps to carry them from one place to another.

Carry Handles

Sea Eagle PackFish7 also includes four carry handles: located on each side. These carry handles make it easy to pick up the boat and carry it with you. with four handles; you can easily carry this inflatable fishing boat with someone else or all by yourself as necessary!

Floor Board

When it comes to inflatable boats, different companies use different floors. While some boats come with inflatable floors, others feature wooden floorboards or aluminum ones. both of these options have their own pros and cons.

While a rigid floor offers more balance and stability, they are certainly not as portable as the inflatable one. Sea Eagle PackFish7 comes with a wooden floorboard that is made of fully enclosed premium-quality fabric. The best thing about this floor is that it is completely removable, making it convenient to transport.

5 sea eagle packfish7 review

Oarlock Attachment System

Sea Eagle PackFish7 can be used with oars. So, the company has added an oarlock attachment system in this inflatable boat so that you don’t have to worry about your oars, allowing you to put your full concentration on fishing. This oarlock attachment system is extremely helpful while solo fishing.

Stow Bag

The Sea Eagle PackFish7 also comes with a built-in stow bag. This stow bag is located at the rear of your inflatable vessel, right behind your inflatable seat. You can use this stow bag to store the PackFish backpack as well as several other small accessories.

Punch Pockets

As mentioned earlier, Sea Eagle PackFish7 comes with two punch pockets located on each side. These pockets are perfect for storing your valuables, tackle, and tools. Generally speaking, these pockets are not that large. However, they can certainly store a lot of stuff and are easily accessible for your seating position.

On top of the punch pockets, you also get cup holders, which is certainly a well-thought-out feature.

Rod Holder

When it comes to fishing, you should always go for convenience. Try to invest in an inflatable boat that is easy to use and control. The last thing you want is to worry about your boat instead of enjoying the fishing adventure.

While fishing, your hands must be free as much as possible. Any feature that keeps your hands free is noteworthy. Sea Eagle comes with two built-in rod holders that can keep your rods safe and secure even while paddling.

Fish Rulers

Another great feature that comes with Sea Eagle PackFish7 inflatable fishing boat is the fish rulers. This inflatable boat comes with two 36″ fish rulers. These fish rulers are located on each side, making it easy for you to measure your catch even without using any additional accessories.

6 sea eagle packfish7 review

Sea Eagle PackFish7 Packages

Sea Eagle has been in the production of the inflatable boat business for more than 40 years. As of today, they have become the leading designer and manufacturer of these vessels. They know exactly what their customer needs, and they try to satisfy that need effectively.

Sea Eagle inflatable boats come in different economical packages, allowing you to get more accessories and related products with your selected model. The company offers several inflatable boat variations, including inflatable kayaks, inflatable dinghies, inflatable pontoon boats, and inflatable rafts.

Sea Eagle PackFish7 also comes in economical packages, including:

  • The Sea Eagle PackFish7 Pro Fishing Package – With this ultimate package, you get everything you need to get out on the water, including floorboard, repair kit, oar set, foot pump, inflatable seat, backpack as well as PackFish7 hull.
  • The Sea Eagle PackFish7 Deluxe Fishing Package – With this economic package, you get all the above-mentioned accessories and parts except the floorboard.

Final Thought

Before you go on and get yourself an inflatable boat, you have to learn all about that certain vessel. Above, we have provided a complete “Sea Eagle PackFish7 review,” allowing you to determine whether or not this boat is designed for you.

In a nutshell, Sea Eagle PackFish7 is perfect for solo fishing. It is durable, reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Moreover, this inflatable boat is extremely portable and comes with a backpack carry bag, allowing you to transport your vessel easily and more conveniently.

Furthermore, this inflatable boat comes with several fishing-friendly features that can make your fishing adventure more fun. You can even get economical packages to get more accessories and parts with this inflatable boat.

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