Sea Eagle 12.6SR Review: Reliable Inflatable Boat

Sea Eagle 12.6 sr Review: Reliable Inflatable Boat
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An inflatable dinghy that is spacious, constructed with standard quality material, durable, and performs is the Sea Eagle 12.6 Sport Runabout inflatable boat. The Sea Eagle Sport Runabout is another star product Sea Eagle has delivered at the premium level.

Trust me! The runabout boat is the culmination of years of production expertise, engineering, and trials. One of the best inflatable boats by Sea Eagle, the 12.6 SR, will definitely be an excellent investment. Here is a product review of the Sea Eagle 12’6 Sport Runabout boat if you are still on a bench and need some genuine review.

Sea Eagle 12.6 sr Review: Reliable Inflatable Boat

I have been using the boat for about a while now; let me run through the review through experience.

Product ratings

Ease to assemble4.8

The product is perfect for those who are interested in taking along company in their rides. Sea Eagle 12.6SR will give you durability, safety, space and versatility. It is amongst the best in sport Runabout available in the price range and features.

Sea Eagle 12.6Sr

The Sea Eagle 12.6 is one of the boats in the Sport Runabout series, and they are inflatable medium-sized fishing or sport boats. As compared with the 106 sr, the 12.6 SR is larger than the former; however, they are lightweight and portable.

You can easily tuck the 12.6SR at the back of your truck for a day out in the waters. The boats are a practical investment. When it comes to inflatable boats, the Sea Eagle is a brand that you can depend on, given its years of being in the business as well as the build and quality.


Let us start the review by going through the features of the product. Here are some of the standard features before discussing what sets it apart from the rest.

  • NMMA & CE Certified- the 12.6 SR is National Marine Manufacturers Association, and Conformitè Europëenne certified, which means the product has cleared the top test and quality certifications.
  • Built-in oarlocks- the hull has two oars that are locked on the sides of the boat that secures the oars and storage when not in use.
  • The Sea Eagle 12.6SR comes with a 5/8”  grab line for safety.
  • For extra protection, the boat comes with 4” inflatable keel. This feature also helps in steering and motoring through more efficiently.
  • The boat has a smooth and round finish that helps in motoring more competently.
  • The transom comes with a splash guard to prevent water from entering the boat.
  • Lifting the boat is made easier with the four carry handles attached on the sides. You will also find a front carry handle.
  • The boat is designed with a wide beam hull for stability and safety.

Overview of the Key features

Sea Eagle’s 12’6 Sport Runabout inflatable boat is the perfect choice for those who want to get a little wet and wild on their next fishing or diving adventure! Sea Eagle inflatable boats can reach speeds of up 15+ mph, making them one fast ride through water – even when there are two people on board at once. The high-quality materials make sure that you’re always comfortable during your trip.

Sea Eagle 12.6 sr features Review

Built for durability

Sea Eagle has been in the business of making boats since 1997, and they have been perfecting the durability feature quite well. The Sea Eagle inflatable boats are tried and tested on extreme weather conditions and are built to last even after a bad weather ride in the water. Sea Eagle is rightfully correct to say that their boats are seaworthy in all conditions.

The quality and build of the boats produced have a star certification. Rescue departments in various pockets used the Sea Eagle 12’6 SR inflatable boats due to their performance in extreme weather conditions. Be its exposure to the cold or to the sun; the hull has proven its durability, making it a user’s best choice.

The material used to build this hull is 1100 Decitex Reinforce, known for strength and resistance. Sea Eagle is seen to use this premium build material for almost most of its inflatable boat series. You can be assured that Sea Eagle has cleared high certifications and tests to deliver this premium product.

Personally, I have taken it out for a spin three times over the summer, and it has not stopped to amaze me. It is safe to say even after taking it out after a long break, it will still last you long.


The Sea Eagle 12.6SR has a sitting capacity of 6 people, that can be six adults to 726 kg/ 1600 lbs approximate. This is a dinghy that can carry a good load of people with its capacity. The interior dimension of the boat is 259 x 81 cm, which is spacious.

If you always have a good number of companies tagging along while hitting the water, you will love the sitting capacity it offers. For someone who does not have company or enjoys fishing and taking a ride-along, this might be your best fit.


If you are someone who is looking for an extravagant-looking hull, the Sea Eagle 12’6 Sport Runabout inflatable boat might not fit your bill. However, like me, if you are into classic designs, simple and minimalistic finishes, you are sure to like this dinghy design.

Sea Eagle 12.6SR with Canopy

One of the key design features is the option available for flooring on the hull. The Sea Eagle 12.6 SR comes with two flooring options- an inflatable floor that weighs 10.14 kg/22lbs and plastic floorboards weighing 26 kg/ 57lbs. The options available determine the boat’s weight, speed, and movement of the boat.


Another feature of comparison is the parameter of portability. In its deflated state, the Sea Eagle 12’6 Sport Runabout inflatable boat weighs 43 kg, increasing to 53 kgs with the inflatable floor and 68 kgs while using plastic floorboards. The weight of the hull in the deflated state makes it portable and easy to take around. The hull is one of the lightest in weight in the sports hull series.

The hull dimension comes to 117 cm x 66 cm x 30 cm in its deflated form, making Sea Eagle 12.6SR easy to be tucked anywhere at home and in your car too. In addition, the floorboards in their deflated state also come to 102 cm x 80 cm x 10 cm, making it easy for storage.

You can easily shove it in an RV van and take it for the sail. Besides, if the boat is too heavy, you would hardly want to take it out for a sail. Storage at home as well as in your car is sorted with the deflated dimension and weight.

Ease of use

You already know that the Sea Eagle 12 SR hull is portable, and to add further, the boat is easy to use. The hull takes around 20 min for inflation along with the inflatable floor, while with the floorboards, it takes 30 min to inflate. The fraction of time is actually quite less, given its capacity and dimension.

To assemble the Sea Eagle 12.6 Sport Runabout inflatable boat is no rocket science. For a proper tutorial on how to assemble, you can watch this video on Youtube

The four-carry handle on the sides helps with lifting the boat easily after inflating. Handling the boat is easy given the handles on the front too.


The Sea Eagle 12.6 SR will impress you when it comes to safety. Built with one of the most strong, durable materials, the hull can stand against any wear or tear. Along with the trusted fabric use, the double overlap seam finish on the boat gives its protection from bumps, tear, or opening loose ends during rides.

The Sea Eagle 12’6 Sport Runabout inflatable boat has four inflated chambers, which ensures that wear or tear even on the chamber will not result in the sinking. The buoyancy of the hull is maintained given that there are our inflated chambers.

The inflated chambers are bow, port, starboard, and keel. If you opt to use the inflated flooring, the flooring can become your fifth inflated chamber increasing your safety and buoyancy.

The molded plastic flooring is effectively unbreakable. Be it chemicals, sun exposure, and saltwater, the flooring cannot be easily eroded. You can be assured it will last you and will be durable.

Speed and performance

The Sea Eagle 12.6 SR will not disappoint your expectations when it comes to performance. The outside drop stitch inflatable keel will accelerate your experience of riding on a boat. The design provides precision and flexibility to maneuver and take precise directions. It also provides stability and safety to the boat.

Sea Eagle 12.6SR

The stable build engineering of the boat makes it easy to handle any water activities you embark on, be it rough water or still. Whether it be a speed ride with smooth and precise motoring or standing still on the boat for fishing, the stability of the boat is amazing.

Sea Eagle 12.6SR structural build of the plastic flooring gives perfect stability for standing, fishing, and angling adventures.

The Sea Eagle has an engine capacity of 20 hp with an inflatable floor and 30 hp with plastic flooring. As mentioned above, the hull’s speed is determined by the number of people on the boat as well as the flooring option used.

The speed estimates vary in the engine power. For 20 hp power, the boat can speed up to 32 kph with 2 adults on board and 24 kph with 4 adults on board. On a 25 hp power, the speed of the boat is estimated at 37 kph with 2 adults on board and 29 kph with 4 adults on board.


The premium series of  Sea Eagle 12.6 SR comes with a 180-day return policy and a 3 years warranty time frame. The warranty time frame is not the longest; however, three years is a pretty good deal given its price range. Besides, the prices of the product increase when there is a longer warranty period covered.

Should you invest in a Sea Eagle 12.6SR?

In my opinion, the verdict on if you should invest in a Sea Eagle 12’6 Sport Runabout inflatable boat will be yes. There is no perfect product, but this hull is one that is near perfection, in my opinion. The features are top-notch- the quality of fabric satisfaction, performance, speed, and safety that the Sea Eagle 12.6SR provides is its selling point.

Since the hull is built for recreational and commercial purposes, you can be assured that it will be a great investment. The hull is built for customers looking for space and capacity without compromising the quality and construction. The hull will last you a good time period and will give you performance.

Is Sea Eagle a good brand?

Sea Eagle is a great brand. They make high-quality products that are perfect for a variety of activities. I have used their kayaks and canoes for many years and have never been disappointed. Their customer service is also excellent, which is important when you are investing in a product from a company. I would highly recommend Sea Eagle to anyone looking for a quality product.


However, before investing in the hull, good research on the product features is always advised before purchasing.

You might be on a bench with the price of the Sea Eagle 12.6 SR boat while comparing it with a similar product. It is indeed on the costlier end of the price spectrum. But trust me! The performance of the product will easily outweigh its price.

Weighing its pros and cons, I would recommend buying or investing in the Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts.

Last updated: 11/07/2022

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