Sea Eagle 10.6sr Review: Sport Runabout Series

Sea Eagle 10.6sr Review
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It is essential not only for sailors but for anyone to have a strong, simple-to-use inflatable boat for daily use. This article will help you choose the best boat choice for your outing excursion.

The Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout is one of the best, most durable, high-quality, high-performance boats on the market. If you are searching for a steady, easy-to-use, convenient inflatable boat, this is the right one for you. The 10.6 sr, like other Sea Eagle’s inflatable boats, is built by the company’s strict quality standards. The boat can carry up to 5 persons or 1200 pounds. It is a good and cheap alternative to a range of other similar boats.

Since 1997, Sea Eagle has been selling Sport Runabouts and has never stopped testing and improving them. The inflatable boat has been tested in various situations and has proven stable. If you are looking for something bigger, Sea Eagle’s famous 12.6 s or the most significant 14 sr Sport Runabout models are great options. But if you are looking for a medium boat, 10.6 sr is the one for you.

Sea Eagle 10.6sr Review Sport Runabout Series

Overview Of The Boat

The 10.6sr from Sea Eagle is an inflatable boat with traditional, fool-proof lines. It may be paddled and is designed to work with the least effort possible. Because of its exceptionally low weight-to-size ratio, it is also ideal for use as a powerboat. Every accessory included in the 10.6 sr contributes to the boat’s efficiency.

The body of the 10.6sr comprises five chambers: two side walls, the bow, the stern, and a four-inch inflatable drop stitch keel extending back from the front. The inflatable boat can withstand even when used actively because the valves under the hulling chamber are secured with firm glue which maintains its frame.

The entry-level package is called the Drop Stitch Deluxe package. It comes with a 4-inch drop stitch floor, foldable oars, a boat carry a backpack, bow storage, an A41 foot pump, an auto dual action pump, and a repair kit. This is a great package for starters since it is very easy to put together and compressed into a suitable size.

The Sea Eagle 10.6 sr has great performance, fine quality, and is exceptionally convenient. It is suitable for yachting, fishing, diving, or just for having fun. When deflated, the 10.6sr weighs only 91 pounds and shrinks into a small bundle that fits nicely into the carry bag. It is a crucial feature if there are limited storage space or weight constraints. It can be stored in any vehicle or below deck in a sailboat or boat. These Sea Eagle boats’ primary benefit is their mobility and storability.

Year after year, these inflatable boats are safe and seaworthy. They are the world’s most significant and most well-tested boats of their class. Sea Eagle has a proven track record for safety, endurance, and adaptability.


Sea Eagle 10.6sr Review Sport Runabout Series


The boat’s capacity is 5 persons with a maximum weight limit of about 1119-1200 pounds. Even though it might seem like the inflatable boat might be congested, it is not because it has a large cabin providing a pleasant ride for everyone.


Any preferred engine can be used with this boat, but the best engine power would be 15HP. This engine will give the boat a speed of 18 mph with two people on board and 12 mph with four people.


The Sea Eagle 10.6 weighs about 90 pounds with an inflatable bottom. But with the plastic floors, the boat’s weight increases to around 123 pounds. But that is also exceptionally good.

Five Chambers:

The tubes on the boat can inflate up to 17 inches in diameter. The inflatable boat had five chambers on the front, pier, sideboard, bottom, and floor of drop-stitch.

Grab Line:

The 5/8′′ grab-lines run along each side of the hull for security. There are two stainless steel D-rings suitable for pulling the boat. There are also four handles at the back and a front lift knob for easy transportation. It also includes an automatic clearing drain valve.

Tough Fabric:

The boat is built of 1100 Decitex, Sea Eagle’s most trusted fabric, which is extremely tough, making the inflatable boat relatively rigid. The hem is overlaid double times and secured, attaching several times by solid plaster.

There is also an added coat of protection at the bottom to protect the inflatable boat against scratches and punctures. A 3-inch rubbing strake is installed around the boat’s hull to better protect it, and a 4-inch additional strake keeps the keel safe.

Inflatable Keel:

The boat’s keel is also inflatable which is great as it helps cut through waves and provides precise control of the boat.

The boat’s capacity to turn quickly and accurately in any direction is due to the keel. This is a wonderful advantage when anchoring, motoring in crowded locations, or during water rescues.

The Sport Runabout’s drop-stitch, inflatable keel adds extra buoyancy to the bow, allowing it to glide over waves rather than crash through them.

Core Features Of 10.6 Sr

The Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout is NMMA and CE-approved. It has notable standard features. The hull is smooth and rounded, decreasing dragging and allowing for more efficient motoring. The boat also has a wide shaft providing stability and capacity. The inflatable keel included in the boat delivers a smoother ride, incredible steering precision, and faster planning.

You can choose two flooring options from the drop-stitch floor for effortless, quickest assembly, and lightest weight, or care-free plastic flooring for more stiffness.

Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout Review

There are two layers of 1000 Denier-assisted material on the lower sides of the tube to protect the inflatable boat from scratching and raptures. There are also shields on the pane to keep water out of the boat. A draining pipe that can be used to clear the water inside the boat is situated at the boat’s transom, and it is pretty accessible and can be easily opened and closed.

There is a front handle and other four handles on the side for easy lifting. The oars which come with the boat are tightly secured to the side of the tubes. It also has oarlocks that come off easily when the oars are used. A repair kit, travel bag, and printed instruction manual also come with the boat.

Floor Options For Sea Eagle 10.6

Sea Eagle provides two distinct styles of floors; a firm, drop-stitch, and high-pressure, inflated floor with EVA footpads or molded plastic flooring.

Drop-stitch, stiff, high-pressure, inflatable floor

Sea Eagle’s high-pressure, drop-stitch inflatable floors with non-slip EVA foam footpads provide excellent balance and comfort when standing.

With the drop stitch floor installed, you can fold the boat in half when deflated, making it ideal for storing in your sailboat or car. It is simple to assemble, and you won’t have to deal with tutorials anytime you want to inflate the boat.

Another unique feature is that the Sport Runabout’s inflatable floor does not need to be drained. If you keep the drain free, the inflated shape of the drop-stitch floor drives water out as it arrives, allowing you to leave the 10’6′′ Sport Runabout parked for weeks at a time with a high-pressure, drop-stitch, inflatable floor.

Molded Plastic Floorboards

Molded plastic flooring gives better structural strength for driving. It adds solidity to the boat and transforms it into an excellent fishing boat. The plastic floorboard system is ideal if you want a more sturdy boat that can accommodate heavier motors.

Plastic flooring is easy to maintain and is resistant to heat. The plastic will not rot or tear off like plywood flooring and won’t be peeled or overheated like aluminum floors. The sun, saltwater, and chemicals do not affect the plastic planks, making them almost unbreakable.

These plastic floorings are limited to Sea Eagles boats and are not found elsewhere. The company has sold around 20,000 boats with this flooring, which is impressive.

Review Of Sea Eagle 10’6″ Sport Runabout

If you are looking for an easy setup, the convenient boat you would definitely like is the Sea Eagle 10.6. Yacht owners, fishers, divers, and boating lovers looking for something simple will also appreciate it.

You have the choice of flooring by choosing either an inflated floor or molded plastic floor. The plastic floor will be suitable for fishers who enjoy fishing while standing.

One prominent feature of the Sea Eagle 10.6sr Sport Runabout is the inflatable keel which enables precise steering, putting this boat at a different level than other such boats. It also provides better control and a more remarkable ability to execute tight turns, making it perfect for navigating in crowded areas. The following are the benefits of this boat:

Easy Set Up:

It is effortless to set up the boat. It will take a maximum of 15 minutes to inflate it and around 10 minutes more to install the plastic floor if you do choose one.

Convenient Size:

Furthermore, the 10’6″ Sport Runabout folds up to 46″ x 24″ x 10″, and it measures 40′′ x 31′′ x 4′′ with floors. It will be challenging to get a boat as simple to pack and pump, even with the floorboards added.

High Performance:

Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts are not only safe and seaworthy, but they also have a high level of performance. Unlike all other inflatable sports boats, Sea Eagle’s outer, high-pressure keel spins sharper and more precisely, delivers faster planning, and boosts stability in all water conditions.


You can modify your boat by adding an aluminum swivel chair and a canopy for more convenience. You can also add a motor engine to your boat for a more speedy boat.

Aluminum bench seat

The Sea Eagle 10.6sr aluminum bench seat is a sleek, modern addition to your boat that will give it an instant facelift.

Bow Storage Bag

The Sea Eagle bow storage bag is a great way to store your boat’s excess equipment. With plenty of space in the large exterior pocket, you’ll have no problem storing all sorts of or even just grabbing it when needed! It also features an insulated inner compartment with adjustable dividers that will keep everything secure and easy to protect against weather elements.

Sea Eagle 10.6 Vs Index Excursion 5

Both inflatable boats are quite similar in features. The 10.6 sr and the Index Excursion 5 can accommodate 5 persons. They both come with many accessories like foldable oars and repair kits.

The most notable difference will be that while the Index Excursion boat has only three chambers, the 10.6 sr has 5 chambers. The Sea Eagle 10.6sr also comes with two types of floor, the inflated floor with EVA footpads or molded plastic flooring. You can choose either of the floors you like.

But the Index Excursion 5 does not come with floors; you have to install it yourself if you want a hard floor. I would suggest people who like fishing and carry a lot of heavy stuff opt for Sea Eagle 10.6 sr, and for those who want a boat just for leisure, opt for Index Excursion 5.


The 10.6sr is hard to beat if you are looking for a simple boat for a fishing, excursion, or just something to have some fun with. The boat’s excellent handling, solid build, and efficient design are exceptional.

If you doubt the suitability of the 10.6sr on the water, you should know that it is commonly used by police, crisis, and fire management companies. They can go anywhere with water: lakes, bays, and the open sea. These boats are capable of completing any task. The Sea Eagle 10.6sr boat delivers an economical combination of performance, simplicity, and quality that is hard to find in most inflatable boats.

Last updated: 31/03/2023

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