Top 5 Newport Vessel Inflatable Boats Review

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This review focuses on the dinghies manufactured by Newport Vessels and how their quality and specifications make them the perfect sort of sports tenders. We will be analyzing their features in detail and what makes these boats market competitive. If you’re looking for a Newport vessel boat, you should give this article a read to know which inflatable boat will suit you best.

Features of Newport Vessel Sport Tenders

Newport Vessel’s sports tenders differ slightly by size, and all the models are constructed using the same material. All boats are equally durable and sturdy and may have slightly different features and accessories.

The boats are constructed using high-quality, commercial-grade PVC, which is a highly durable material that increases the boat’s longevity. Moreover, the boat has excellent build quality. They have an inflatable keel that helps in easily steering and navigating through the water, with stainless D-rings. Air Keel and carrying handles, Newport Vessel’s boats will give you an incredible and unforgettable time! The boats have big tubes, and you can easily sit on those. Moreover, the boats come with a 2-year guarantee, so you can go to your nearest Newport Vessel retailer and get your dinghy repaired in case of any damages!

However, due to the heavy dry weight of the larger boats, they are not suitable for solo traveling, so it’s better to bring a friend or sibling while you’re cruising! Apart from that, the hardwood floor could have been slightly more resilient to carry heavier weights. 

Boats Have Been Tested for Quality Control

Before their release, the Newport Vessels boats were tested for quality assurance and control. The company has put major emphasis on quality, and so the boats undergo a process of pressure testing before being available for sale. The pressure testing process features 4 stages, the first test is the temperature, the second tests the adhesion, the third tests the separate components and seams, and the final one tests the dinghy by inflating it for 2 days.

What’s The Secret Behind Excellent Build Quality?

The triple-layered 1100 denier PVC used to make the boats is the highlight of these sports tenders. This material is preferred because it is extremely versatile and lightweight. Since the company’s inception, they have been giving strong emphasis on the quality of their products, and so they’ve avoided using inexpensive materials in their boats. PVC was chosen because it offers good protection against harmful UV rays and other harmful things like corrosion and salt. Therefore, keep the boat in a cool place instead of direct sunlight.

The dinghies have been made intact and stable using high-quality adhesives from Germany. These adhesives strongly hold the boats and prevent them from falling apart. Additionally, they shield against chemical corrosion and delamination. These things mentioned above cause the boats’ prices to go up a little, but honestly, that’s worth it. If you’re getting these many features at such a price, it’s good value. These features are what make the Newport Vessels dinghy lead in the industry.

Whether the dinghy hits hard against the rocks or pummels into trees, you do not need to worry because the three-ply PVC is hard enough to offer great resistance. The vessels are characterized by having 4 air chambers. In case of the air chamber malfunctions, you will be relieved because the other three will be there to save you from capsizing! 

The One-Check Halkey Roberts Valves

Newport Vessel has deployed the one-check, Halkey Roberts valve for quick inflation and deflation, which are also known as the HR valves. These valves are highly efficient because they prevent air from letting out during inflation and deflation. The inner valve is designed in such a way that it makes the air get into the hull without leakage, and during this time, the external valve is closed off completely.

A plastic stem is present in the inner valve, and pressing that will enable deflation. This valve system is the best because it offers the quickest inflation and deflation. We would recommend getting a dinghy with a super-efficient valve system for a hassle-free experience.

The Outstanding Keel

A keel is a must for sport dinghies, and that is why Newport Vessel has deployed an amazing inflatable keel in all Newport Vessels inflatable boats.

Once the keel is inflated, the bottom of the boat takes up a V shape, which adds to making the boat stable and keeping it straight throughout the ride. The best part about these boats is that they are extremely portable and offer great handling.

Huge Carrying Capacity

The Newport Vessel boats are capable of hauling all of your family! This means, unlike all typical inflatable boats, this boat provides you with the chance to go on a trip to the sea with the whole family! Be it dogs, kids, or even friends, the Newport dinghies can easily accommodate them all! The large space even gives ample room for a large motor.

A motor of around 20 HP will make the boats speed up to 26 MPH. You can add a motor with less power if you require that.

What Is the Warranty of Newport Vessels?

The Newport vessels’ inflatable boats come with a 2-year warranty. Newport offers a long warranty on its boats because of its excellent customer service and extreme care for customers, unlike all other market-competitive boat manufacturing companies. One thing you should be mindful of is that the warranty is not applicable on boats that have been damaged by UV rays. So, it would be best if you avoided keeping the boat under direct sunlight. There are some sun protectants, like the 303 UV protectant, that you can apply on dinghies to protect them from the sun.

We will be looking at the top 5 Newport Vessels Dinghies, so come along and walk through the reviews of some of the best dinghies out there.

1. Newport Vessel Dana Inflatable Boat

Newport Vessel Dana Inflatable Boat

Newport Vessels Dana Inflatable Sport Boat

 in stock
as of 06.07.2024 13:13

Ideal for a day trip at sea, the Newport Vessel Dana is characterized by a length of 106″, a width of 60″, and a tube diameter of 18″. Its large size makes smoother rides possible. The boat features an aluminum marine wood flooring, a repair kit, and one comfortable bench seat. There are top-quality aluminum oars to make your boating experience even better!

Suitable for most water activities such as cruising and fishing, Dana will give you a memorable boating experience.

The boat gained massive popularity because of its unique and sleek design. The boat’s build quality is excellent, a cherry on top. There are two 18 inches long side tubes placed on the left and right sides of the boat, which add to its stability and steadiness. In rough water waves, the tubes will help you in steering the boat smoothly. Moreover, Dana holds up extremely well when left inflated for long periods of time, and its air loss rate is one of the lowest among some of the best inflatable boats out there,

Adding a trolling motor to Dana is optionable. If you want to max out the speed, it’s better to install a Honda, Tohatsu, or Evinrude motor. These motors from top-quality brands will make the boat run at high speeds in the water!

Before purchasing the boat, all you need to do is a little bit of paperwork, and the boat will be yours! A first aid kit is also provided with the purchase to aid passengers in case of any mishaps.

The only downside of this boat is the cost. $800 for a mere dinghy might sound absurd to some; however, this boat offers a good value, but it might not be worth it for some people. Therefore, you can look for other options in the market that have a lower price tag.


  • It has excellent build quality.
  • The dinghy is extremely durable.
  • Comes with a repair kit.
  • A first aid kit is given with the purchase.
  • It comes with two durable oars for better steering and navigation.
  • A trolling motor can be installed in the boat.
  • The aluminum floor makes the boat extremely stable.


  • The boat might be heavy on your budget because of its sky-rocketing high price tag.

2. Newport Vessel Del Mar Inflatable Boat

Newport Vessels Del Mar - Inflatable Dinghy Boat

 in stock
2 new from $1,097.50
Free shipping
as of 06.07.2024 13:13

Unique and versatile, the Newport Vessel Del Mar is perfect to be used as small fishing or runabout boat. Del Mar is known to be the perfect tender boat because of its small size. It’s almost 9 ft and 5 inches in length and is able to cruise at a rate of 15 to 20 mph. To increase speed, you can install an outboard motor in it. It has a strong and solid floor made out of Marine-grade aluminum that can easily resist the heavy weight of your luggage. Fishers often use this boat because of its large carrying capacity.

The boat’s highlights are an inflatable keel, a strong bottom, grab the rope, durable D-rings, grab handles, and wear patches. This boat is constructed with 1100 deniers PVC like all other boats in the Newport dinghy lineup. The high-pressure keel makes it easy to navigate and steer through the rough waters. The long 18” length of tubes adds stability to the boat. The boat has a wide footprint, which provides a strong base for the boat, and as a result, boarding the boat is made easy. The boat comes with a repair kit, carrying bag, and a foot pump.

However, 15 minutes is needed to inflate and deflate the boat, which might belong to other inflatable boats on the market.



  • It has a large size that can accommodate 2 adults easily.
  • The boat is extremely durable because of the high-grade PVC.
  • The aluminum floor provides a solid foundation for the boat.
  • A high-pressure inflatable keel makes it easy to steer through rough waters.


  • It is on the pricier side.
  • Inflation and deflation take a lot of time.

3. Newport Vessel Baja Inflatable Boat

Newport Vessels Baja Inflatable Dinghy Boat

 in stock
as of 06.07.2024 13:13

The large Newport Vessel Baja inflatable boat makes it versatile enough to be used as a dive and fishing boat. Its large carrying capacity can accommodate 6 people easily and makes it suitable for cruising with family and friends.

The Baja boat can travel up to 15-20 mph with a motor. The latest Baja boat release has durable D-rings, Bimini accessories, and really handy accessories! Newport Vessel has installed long, 18” tubes that allow you to cruise at speeds up to 20 mph to ensure steady and stable rides.

The long-lasting Baja inflatable boat is made out of commercial-grade PVC. To ensure extra steadiness, one extra thick layer of polyester is added to the boats to prevent them from tearing up easily.

The Baja inflatable boat is virtually shatterproof whether you run it into docks or scratch it against rocks. The size of the boat gives enough flexibility to use it as a tender boat or as a high-speed motor. Moreover, the high-pressure inflatable keel provides a solid foundation for the boat and makes steering and navigating through rough waters easy. The parts are put together using high-quality German adhesives, so you don’t need to worry about delamination and other chemical damages.


  • Its large size can haul up to 6 people easily.
  • Tubes with a diameter of 18″ make the ride steady and stable.
  • Flexible enough to be used as a tender boat and fishing boat.
  • It is made out of Korean PVC, which makes it last longer.
  • The inflatable keel provides a strong base and makes steering easy.


  • Has a very high price tag.

4. Newport Vessel Catalina Inflatable Boat

Newport Vessels Catalina Inflatable Dinghy Boat

 in stock
as of 06.07.2024 13:13

Do you want to feel like moving further and further away from the shore? Catalina has got your back! It will remain steady in rough winds as if it is nothing. It is characterized by a length of 12.6 ft, a width of 4.5 ft, and a tube diameter of 1.6 ft, and it has a dry weight of about 160 pounds. It is made up of a triple-layered 1100 denier coated with polyvinyl chloride.

The Catalina is capable of handling a 20 HP motor. Its steady aluminum bottom makes it possible to haul up to 5-6 people easily, and the high-pressure inflatable keel makes acceleration and maneuvering extremely smooth.


  • It has a huge weight carrying capacity of about 1600 pounds.
  • It is even more stable than some aluminum boats.
  • It can cover a large distance easily if more than 25 miles.
  • It can easily navigate its way through rough waters.


  • It is not portable because of its heavy weight.

5. Newport Vessel Drop Stitch Inflatable Boat

Newport Vessels Drop Stitch Inflatable Boat

$1,038.37  in stock
as of 06.07.2024 13:13

Made out of premium quality materials, the Drop Stitch inflatable boat has a high-pressure mat floor, a high-capacity storage bag, and durable D-rings for towing. This boat has a length of 123 inches, a width of 60″, a tube diameter of 18″, and a storage capacity of about 1124 lbs. A motor of up to 4 HP will be perfectly suitable for this tender boat.

The boat comes with two top-quality aluminum oars. Like all other Newport Vessels, the Drop Stitch is made from 1100 denier Korean PVC with hot welded seams. Manufactured as a tender boat, the Drop Stitch will be perfect at a bay or lake. The 18” long tubes ensure the boat is stable even at high speeds.


  • It has a high carrying capacity.
  • It can cover a large distance easily if more than 25 miles.
  • The aluminum floor makes it steady and stable.


  • It has a high price tag.

Buying Guide

Number Of People

How many people can it accommodate easily? If you know that you’ll be the only one going fishing, a boat with a maximum capacity of 1 to 2 persons could be ideal, but if you plan to tag along with all your family for cruising, you should go for a boat with large carrying capacity.

Location Of Boating

Choose a large-sized boat with a deep hull if you’re planning to go on Class II rivers, whereas if you plan to boat on water will small waves and few obstructions, you can go for a small boat.

Know Its Size

You should know where you will be keeping your boat. Are you storing it in your dock, or are you keeping it at the marina? To avoid the last-minute hassle, you should know the storage constraints before purchasing any boat. Know the boat’s dimensions and the amount of storage space you have.


Q) How should I store my Newport Vessel PVC inflatable boats?

Ans. The quickest way to ruin your boat would be to keep it out in the open and expose it to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Another way would be to store it in a damp place without air. Therefore, avoid storing the boat under direct sunlight or in a nonventilated room if you want your boat to last for years. If you’re not using the boat frequently, the good idea is to disassemble it and store it in the bag. Keeping it away from humidity, UV rays, and extreme temperature will increase the boat’s useful life.

Q) How should I clean my Newport Vessel PVC inflatable boats?

Ans. Since the inflatable mode is made with PVC, you should clean it with approved products on PVC fabrics. Please avoid using the typical household cleansers as they will cause discoloration and drying.

Q) How should I tow my boats?

Ans. Make sure your boat is empty when you are going to tow it. Use the D-rings to secure the towing line, and remember not to use the bow ring when towering the boat. If your boat is only equipped with a bow ring, take the boat on board.

Q) Does Newport offer international shipping?

Ans. Yes, Newport offers to ship to numerous countries. You can see the details mentioned on their website. Some of the countries on the list are Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii. You can pay all the duty and brokerage fees upfront when you get the product.

Q) How should I fix drain plug leaks in my boats?

Ans. Buy a good-quality silicone caulk and apply it to the inside and outside perimeters of the drain hole. Reinstall the plug, and then apply the caulk on the edges of the boat. Leave it for 24 hours, and your drainage problem will be solved.

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