BRIS 12 ft Inflatable Fishing & Rescue Diving Boat (BSR360)

BRIS BSR360 12ft Inflatable Raft Fishing & Rescue Diving Dinghy Boat
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If you wish to buy a large multipurpose boat for rescue missions, fishing, and other activities, look no further than the BRIS 12 ft BRS360 inflatable boat. For years, BRIS has been a brand noted for its high value vessels, and this 12ft sport boat of theirs is a large capacity vessel is one that is designed to carry significant crew and cargo. It can also be used for rescue missions too.

Below, in the BRIS 12 ft inflatable boat review we will learn what makes it a trusted vessel worthy of your investment.

BRIS BSR360 12ft Inflatable Raft Fishing & Rescue Diving Dinghy Boat

BRIS 12 ft Inflatable Fishing Boat

$1,249.00  in stock
as of 06.04.2024 20:47


  • Length: 12ft
  • Length (inside): 8ft
  • Width: 5.6ft
  • Width (inside): 32 inches
  • Chambers: 3
  • Tube: 17.7 inches
  • Maximum persons: 5 persons
  • Maximum horsepower: 20hp
  • Maximum capacity: 1322 lbs
  • Floor: Aluminum floor (aluminum floors panels)
  • PVC hull: 0.9mm 1100 Dtex PVC fabric
  • Boat weight: 132 lbs
  • Accessories included: 2 aluminum seats, 2 aluminum oars, foot pump, repair kit, carry bag.

Bris 12.1 Review

BRIS BSR 360 is an inflatable boat designed with a very strong 0.9mm 1100 Dtex PVC fabric. The fabric has a quadruple fold for extra durability before it is welded at the seams. This vessel is hugely popular among boaters because of its versatility. This is why it can best be described as a jack of all trades. The round end tubes of the vessel allow it to perform optimally in strong currents since it remains stable regardless of the terrain.

Furthermore, the fabric has double layers at the bottom, which is the part that comes in contact with sharp rocks and sea sand. This part is perhaps the thickest part of the BRIS inflatable boat. Boasting a 1.8mm thickness, this part only reveals signs of scratches should you run it aground or sail through rough areas, but it will not puncture.

BRIS 12 ft inflatable boat is lightweight and moves very fast if propelled by a powerful outboard motor. But that is not the only way to propel it, though. You can also propel it by installing sails or using the oar set it comes with. You can use it for fishing, sailing, and emergency rescue operations.

It can carry up to 5 people at once. There is also sufficient space for other cargo too.

Let’s look at its structure and architectural qualities a little further.

BRIS BSR360 12ft Inflatable Raft Fishing & Rescue Diving Dinghy Boat


The premium quality material of this BRIS inflatable boat are what sets it apart from other vessels. Boasting a 1100/0.9mm Dtex PVC fabric with additional polyester support, the vessel will not tear or develop holes after prolonged use. It has a heavy duty build because it is quadruple folded for extra thickness.

As we pointed out in a previous paragraph, the bottom is the thickest part of all. BRIS BSR 360 is much more heavyweight than other BRIS boat modern made with 1100 denier fabric. It is built to last for many years because it is resistant to tension, breaking, and tearing.


It has three chambers covered by the aluminum floor on top and protected by the thick fabric below. Similar to all other BRIS inflatable boats, the chambers are not interconnected, and each one contains a rounded tube that holds the inflated air.

Welded seams

The seams are not glued or stitched but heat welded to stay in place. Believe us when we say that the seams will not come off for as long as the inflatable boat remains operational. This protects the internal tubes and the fabric itself from saltwater, freshwater, and high humidity.

While heat may melt seam glue and cause the seams to fall apart, the structural integrity of this vessel will remain intact. The quadrupled seams overlap and are durable.

Built-in oarlocks

It has oar locksets for easy rowing, and the oars are relatively easy to use.

Marine plywood transom for outboard motor

The transom is made of marine plywood and is capable of holding a 20hp outboard motor. The transom also has anti-UV ray features that not only protect from the sun but also from backsplashes, so your motor is not compromised.


The keel is a V shape for easy planning and navigation.

Pros of BSR 360 fishing boat

BRIS BSR360 12ft Inflatable Raft Fishing & Rescue Diving Dinghy Boat

BRIS 12 ft Inflatable Fishing Boat

$1,249.00  in stock
as of 06.04.2024 20:47

Ergonomic design

This inflatable boat has an ergonomic design that sets it apart from the rest. Not only is it built with high quality PVC fabric, but it is also structured to handle the rigors of marine activities. Every physical profile is designed with the comfort of the crew in mind. BRIS 12 ft inflatable boat is durable and stable.

Oar Lock

The built-in oarlock is a major feature for holding your valuable and sensitive assets in a place like a gas tank, swimming gear, floaters, etc. In case of strong currents, none of your personal effects will be lost.

30 days money back guarantee/ 3 years manufacturers warranty

You enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee. Once the vessel is delivered to you, you are free to test it out for 30 days, and you can return it if it is defective. The manufacturer warranty lasts for three years, and during this period, you get to enjoy certain perks offered to buyers. Read the manufacturer’s terms and conditions before signing off on the purchase.


Not every inflatable boat can serve different purposes, but this one can. It is a fishing boat, a sailing vessel, a watersport craft as well as a lifesaving boat. Imagine having a best inflatable kayak that can do all these. That’s like paying a single price for a pontoon boat that can do so many things. Its versatility makes it a highly valuable boat.

Sufficient internal space

One criticism leveled at BRIS BSR 360 boats by buyers is that the interior space is too tight, especially when it is at full human capacity. While that may be true with others, that is not the case with this one. Its internal space has more than enough space after all the sitting spaces have been taken up. You will still have more space for personal effects.

User safe

No matter how well built or attractive a fishing kayak may be, it is worthless if it is not safe. This vessel by BRIS is very safe. The tubes have double layers at the bottom so they will not be punctured. The chambers are also disconnected from each other to prevent the damage of one from affecting the others. The seams are also heat welded so they will not fall apart. This is one inflatable sport boat that can be trusted.

Carry Bag

You can carry it with ease by deflating it and folding it neatly into the carry bag provided. The hag has a carry handle for easy lifting.

Cons of BRIS BSR 360 inflatable boat

BRIS BSR360 12ft Inflatable Raft Fishing & Rescue Diving Dinghy Boat

Only 2 seats

It has only two seats included in the package, so you will have to buy three more to make up the maximum five seat capacity.


Despite having a very tough exterior, 12mm PVC is by no means the best fabric for inflatable inflatable boats but is only the second best. That record goes to Hypalon. To preserve this vessel, you will have to do a lot of maintenance work, like rinsing it with freshwater and sunning it after use. Leaving it for too long under the sun also weakens the outer layers of the fabric.


BRIS 12 ft FAQ

What can I use this BRIS inflatable boat for?

You can use it for several purposes, including fishing, sailing, kayaking, and for life-saving missions. We consider it to be a multifunctional vessel with versatile features.

Do I have to register it before I use it?

Yes, you do. It is unlawful to sail inflatables without first registering them with the relevant authorities. To register this inflatable boat, you will need the hull Identification number and the manufacturer’s place of origin. This information has to be included in your paperwork to the authorities. Both information is contained in the package.

What is its maximum capacity, and can I install a canopy on it?

The maximum number of persons on board is 5 persons, and yes, you can install a canopy, especially if you want to make it a pleasure BRIS inflatable boat. Just make sure it is lightweight and removable.

Who are the maker and the place of origin?

BRIS 12 ft is manufactured in China by Benflyworld.

How do I get the warranty, and for how long?

The warranty is delivered alongside the best inflatable boat in paper form. Warranties last for 3 years and become active from the day it is delivered to your doorstep.

How long will this fishing boat last?

That depends on your level of care. Use it well, and it may last for you to 10 years or more. Poor use and maintenance will shorten its shelflife. Endeavor to rinse with freshwater after every use and leave to dry before you pack it in the carry bag.


BRIS BSR 360 12 ft is a large inflatable boat for five people. Investing in a fishing boat of this size comes with several perks; it is spacious, easy to control, and very stable even on strong waves. Despite its high maintenance, this best inflatable boat will serve you well for many years. The extra polyester support protects the PVC fabric from extreme humidity. For the value it offers, this is a good boat worthy of your investment.

BRIS 12 ft Inflatable Fishing Boat

$1,249.00  in stock
as of 06.04.2024 20:47

Last updated: 21/10/2022

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