How to Choose the Best Inflatable Boat You Could Get Your Hands On in 2022?

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Do you know what inflatable boats are? Have you ever used these beauties? Are you considering buying one? If yes, you should first know what they are used for and how useful they are. So come and walk through this article with us to know about the pros, cons, and usage of inflatable boats! 

What Actually Are Inflatable Boats?

Inflatable boats are lightweight boats made up of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They are made using thin, bendable tubes with pressurized gas in them. These boats are compact and are mainly used as life rafts for airplanes and boats for accident prevention and fun activities one would plan with their families in the sea.


It is used to rescue people in grave emergencies. Such as, when people are stuck in a ship around high tides and rainstorms, or if the ship has malfunctioned, an inflatable boat could be the perfect rescuer. Or it could be used when people are stuck in an airplane whose engines have gone off. Inflatable boats are used in unfortunate situations and are also used in recreational boating. The boats used for recreational activities are much lighter and cost much less than rescue boats.

A History of Inflatable Boats

The inflatable boats were initially made in the early 1900s, and they have been majorly upgraded since then. The early inflatable boats were made from rubber since rubber was a recently made commodity during those years. During those times, inflatable boats were only used for recreational purposes in rafting and were only propelled by padding. Over the years, many attempts were made for it to propel automatically.

Since the boats were made out of rubber, they were vulnerable to breaking. If a boat was used roughly, cracks appeared on them, and they were liable to break.

Modern Inflatable Boats

The proper production of inflatable boats began in the early 20th century. There was another massive development in the rubber industry; the rubber-coated fabric was invented and became massively popular. Hence, the rubber-coated fabric was then used to manufacture inflatable boats. Furthermore, over the years, there were upgrades in the appearance and fabric of the inflatable boats, eventually leading to the manufacture of two kinds of inflatable boats that are widely used today: The Rigid Inflatable Boats and the Soft Inflatable Boats. The boats are versatile and extremely popular for recreational and rescue purposes.

The Rigid Inflatable Boats

As the name suggests, the Rigid Inflatable boats are made of rigid material, making the boat fit to stay afloat and intact in extreme weather conditions. The boat can even survive rough currents in the sea and resist falling over. Moreover, this rigid material can carry a greater amount of weight. The best part about them is that they are lightweight because of their laminate hull construction and inflatable sides. Moreover, they are fuel-efficient, more powerful, and can be used in all sorts of weather conditions, making them the top pick of marine professionals!

The Soft Inflatable Boats

The soft inflatable can come at a much cheaper price as compared to rigid inflatable boats. They are bendable, foldable, and collapsible. However, these boats are avoided to be used in recreational activities as they are prone to break easily. These boats are discouraged from being used on choppy waters and for speed boating since they are liable to get cracks. These are only suited to float on still waters.

If you are looking for a boat to go for fishing or to transport some medium-weight goods through the sea, these boats are the perfect choice for you! The best part about them is that they are extremely lightweight and portable and won’t even cost you a penny since their fuel consumption is low.

Highlighting Its Features

One of our top recommendations for inflated boats is the Classic Accessories Inflatable Pontoon Boat. This classic boat is available in sage and black colors and is made of polyester. The weight of this boat is around 70 pounds.

The dimensions of this boat are as follows:

  • 108” length
  • 56” width
  • 26” height

Moreover, the best part about Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon boat is that it comes with two years warranty, so if your boat gets damaged because of high tides and has cracks all over it within a span of 2 years, you can get it repaired for free of cost!

This boat is a heavy-duty boat that will survive extreme weather conditions. Because of its abrasion-resistant Polyvinyl Chloride bottom, it is durable and stable. This boat will stay afloat on the water even when the water is rough and tides are high. If you are looking for an inflated boat for buying purposes, make sure you get your hands on this one.

Its tough nylon top makes it strong and resistant to all sorts of external pressures. It has bronze oarlocks that support and secure the boat’s oars when rowing. The cold and hot heat resistance bladders make the boat resist severe weather conditions. Additionally, the inflated boat has seven feet two-piece aluminum oars, which are high-performance oars. These oars also come at a minimal cost; however, the quality of aluminum oars is questionable since they are not durable.

We have discussed what the inflatable boat is made up of, what parts it comprises, and how it can adapt to different weather conditions. Now let’s talk about the storage space of the Classic inflatable boats. This boat has a high storage space, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your bags and other stuff while fishing or simply boating in the middle of the peaceful ocean. These boats have a large capacity for storing your goods since they have around ten mesh pockets, two insulated drink holders, and even twelve insulated zip holders. Now you can even bring your food and drinks on the go and enjoy them while taking a ride in these inflatable boats!

Wait up! The features of this boat do not come to an end yet. Some safety features ensure that the traveler’s ride is made comfortable and secure. Some safety features of this boat include two rings, a dual-side stripping apron, and non-slip footrests to ensure a safe and comfortable journey. The dual side stripping apron allows people to exit and enter without unclipping.

Customer Reviews

The customers of this boat are satisfied and happy with how it works. Some even say that the performance of this boat is just like some pro-level boats. Moreover, customers are also impressed with its lightweight yet durable body. Some have even mentioned that these boats are perfectly stable and durable on different lakes. However, some customers have experienced the pain of steering the motor and did not like the experience. Some customers have stated that this boat rows very easily, and they enjoy the experience a lot, especially when the winds are blowing high, and it feels like they are cruising! Moreover, its material has a high-quality feel.

Some love this because it’s portable and its parts are easy to assemble, and even after taking it on multiple rivers and lakes, it still functions perfectly and looks good as new!

Last updated: 24/05/2022

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