Best Inflatable Boat Trailers (Rated in 2023)

best inflatable boat trailers
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If you own an inflatable boat and you live a long distance away from the coastline, you most likely take the boat back home. Transporting an inflated rigid inflatable boat to and from your house is quite a task because of its size and weight. For this, you will need an inflatable boat trailer.

The best inflatable boat trailers come with wheels and pads that can handle the size and weight of inflatables. Trailers make it easy to move the boat around, so you don’t have to waste more time pumping them when you get to shore. You have to connect the trailer to the back of your vehicle, and you can pull it easily.

In this review, we bring to light some of the best inflatable boat trailers money can buy. Please feel free to read our boat reviews and make your choice from our list.

Best Inflatable Boat Summary

Ironton Steel Folding 4x8ft TrailerBest for heavy and extra long inflatable boat
Ultra-Tow AluminumUtility TrailerBest inflatable boat trailer with LED lighting
Malone Microsport TrailerBest for Sporting Watercraft
Vevor 360 lbs Utility TrailerBest inflatable boat trailer with Pneumatic tires
Giantex  Heavy-Duty TrailerBest for large boats
Seamax Portable TrailerBest for small Kayaks
Krypt Tower Multisports TrailerBest trailer with a collapsible design

Ironton Steel Folding 4x8ft Utility Kit Trailer

First on our list of the best inflatable boat trailers is the Ironton utility boat trailer kit with a load capacity of 1170 lbs. This trailer is foldable, making it easy to store in your storage when it is not in use. Ironton can be folded upright with caster wheels as high as 86.4 inches. It meets all the road requirements for safety and speed, and you don’t have to do any special adjustments to bring it up to speed. The maximum speed is 45 MPH, but you will have to assemble it first, which is not hard to do when you use the user manual as a guide.

1 ironton steel folding 4x8ft utility kit trailer

Ironton Steel Folding 4x8ft Utility Kit Trailer

$599.99  in stock
as of 23.06.2024 00:50

Ironton is a boat trailer built for convenience with a maximum gross vehicle weight totaling 1400 lbs. It can pull much more than its weight and is ideal for hauling not only boats but also other kinds of cargo. The space-saving feature is one of the major features that makes it a very good trailer. Secondly, all the components are built with quality materials like the rigged steel frame, a pair of smooth-rolling tires, and moving parts that are built to last. You can expect nothing less than a smooth performance anytime you use Ironton to transport your inflatable boat to sea.

Assembling it is relatively easy with a complete set of wiring and all parts included in the package. Ironton is a trailer built to last and represents value for money.


  • An S lock safety chain is Included
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum payload capacity


  • The certificate of origin takes time to be prepared and mailed to you

Ultra-Tow Aluminum Utility Trailer

Second, on our list of the best inflatable trailers is this one by Ultra-Tow. It is a 4x8ft foldable trailer with an 1170 lb load capacity. Ultra-Tow features a rust-proof aluminum frame for convenient storage due to its foldable build. The extra-large bed with extensive payload capacity is great for hauling boats and other weighty equipment; they do not exceed 1400 lbs maximum. Ultra-Tow takes away the stress of carrying or transporting your boat across a distance. Even the wheel fenders are constructed in such a way to prevent cargo damage from debris and rocks. The manufacturer has ensured that the design meets DOT requirements for efficiency and safety.

2 ultra tow aluminum utility trailer

Ultra-Tow Aluminum Utility Trailer

$849.99  in stock
as of 23.06.2024 00:50

The package includes an aluminum frame, axle, 4.80 inches tires, hubs, springs, hardware kit, LED light with a 4-wire connector and harness, and a safety chain. If you go for this boat trailer, you should be nothing short of quality because it is built to last. The aluminum frame will not rust since it is rust proof and tough. Despite its rugged frame, it is lightweight too. The axle is tough and designed to handle a very heavy load, and it comes fully equipped with the right springs and knots to keep the shape. Ultra-Tow meets DOT requirements and has two tires with aluminum fenders. You can also add your decking to upgrade it to a heavy-duty trailer for much heavier loads.

However, the extra decking is not included, so you will have to buy that separately. The front hitch and coupler portions are designed to fold back in between the wheels. Ultra-Tow caster wheels roll smoothly and are easy to maneuver. This inflatable boat trailer is performance and convenience rolled into one.


  • It can handle heavy inflatable boats
  • Space-saving foldable features
  • Sturdy tires
  • Easy to assemble


  • Extra decking not included

Malone MicroSport Trailer for Canoes, Kayaks, and Bikes

Malone is another very good trailer you can use to haul your cargo across short or long distances. This Utility trailer is great for all types of small-sized inflatable boats, including kayaks and bikes. Malone is designed with the user in mind; that is why it is affordable, reliable, and of good quality. Its flexible feature makes it a versatile trailer for pulling heavy loads. Boasting a galvanized steel frame, Malone will pull weight of up to 800 lbs easily. The crossbar is 66 inches wide and compatible with other manufacturers’ fest carriers. It also has an extended tongue that allows you to haul up to 4 boats of 19 inches each.

3 malone microsport trailer

Malone MicroSport Trailer for Canoes, Kayaks, and Bikes

$1,799.09  in stock
2 new from $1,799.09
as of 23.06.2024 00:50

Malone has 12 inches galvanized wheels to handle all that weight. In addition, you will not find it hard to assemble the trailer since the instructional manual guides you on how to set it up piece by piece. Malone is innovative and helps you save extra cash that you would have spent on gas to transport your boat in a separate vehicle. It is a sports utility trailer with reliable moving parts, including static ones like the galvanized steel frame and 60 inches cross rails, 54 inches galvanized axle, and chrome acorn nuts.

Malone is easy to set up in 2-3 hours; once you are done, you don’t have to decouple it again. The good news is that you enjoy what you pay for with Malone. The sealed hubs and wheels are maintenance-free, and they will last a very long time before replacements are required.


  • Value for money
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to maneuver


  • It cannot carry up to 1000 lbs of weight

Vevor 360 lbs Boat Trailer with 14-inch wheels

Vevor is one of the leading brands of utility hardware, and its boat trailer is one of the best in the market. It has 14-inch wheels with heavy-duty mover wheels for carrying boats under 15ft. Vevor is ideal for Sailing, fishing, and small motor boats. Its weight capacity is 360 lbs, built with rigid materials that can sustain your cargo when you are on the move. The fear many boaters have with trailers is that the wheels may come off during motion and cause an accident on the highway or damage to their boats. With Vevor, you don’t have to worry about such an incident because this boat trailer will hold its own. The pneumatic tires are smooth and roll smoothly.

4 vevor 360 lbs boat trailer with 14 inch wheels

Vevor 360 lbs Boat Trailer with 14 inch wheels

 in stock
2 new from $149.99
Free shipping
as of 23.06.2024 00:50

Furthermore, the trailer can be adjusted into three different sizes depending on the size of the boat you wish to transport. The sizes are 90.5, 100, and 110 inches, respectively, so rest assured that as long as your inflatable fishing boat with an outboard motor is under 15ft in length, Vevor will carry it comfortably. When it is out of use, you can also comfortably fold it and store it in a trunk or storage because it only takes a small space. Another thing we like about Vevor is the wheel design; the pneumatic tires are designed not only to handle the weight but also to roll smoothly and handle motion pressure. On both sides are high-quality square steel tubes coated with a powder finish. There is also a long welded handle for seamless moving by hand m

Vevor is versatile and is more than just a boat carrier. You can use it to transport any other equipment or gear, which comes in handy in tight spaces where maneuvering is required. Disassembling is also easy too.


  • Solid structure
  • Quality materials
  • Easy to store


  • It can not carry big and heavier boats

Giantex Heavy Duty 600 lbs Utility Trailer Mover with Jet Ski Camper

Fifth on our list is Giantex 600 lbs heavy-duty inflatable boat trailer with an extra-long handle for pulling and dragging weighty gear like about or other hardware or equipment. Giantex is a utility trailer for cargo, jet skis, boats, and even for carrying much smaller trailers. It is safe and efficient and built for carrying heavy-duty crafts. Transporting your boat from your home to the launch site is not something you will find hard any longer. The construction design makes it heavy and maintenance-free. And the tires are pneumatic terrain tires, each with a 10.5×3.5 inches dimension to sustain pressure and ensure steady locomotion.

5 giantex heavy duty

Giantex Heavy Duty 600 lbs Utility Trailer Mover with Jet Ski Camper

$89.99  in stock
as of 23.06.2024 00:50

The iron wire has been perfected to strengthen the cage and make it more durable, as well as the solid wooden frame is designed to hold the extra weight. Giantex has coded screws and pins, so when you are installing it, you will have no issues whatsoever piecing the right screws into their proper holes. Although made of steel, the body will not rust nor lose form. Even scratches will not be visible due to the heavy-duty exterior. That is why Giantex is guaranteed to maintain its shape for years to come

So if you take frequent trips and sail or camp a few times every year, this is a reliable trailer for long-distance trips. You get to enjoy your outdoor adventure using a trailer you can trust. Pay the full price for Giantex now and enjoy several years of quality service.


  • Quality pneumatic tires
  • A versatile transporter
  • Affordable


  • It cannot be upgraded to handle the extra load

Seamax Portable Boat Carry Launch Set

Seamax is another boat trailer we had to include in our list for those who like portable equipment. If you don’t have the luxury of space to store something big, Seamax is just what you need. This trailer has a lightweight hand dolly made with premium aluminum with air-filled tires for transporting small boats, kayaks, and canoes of up to 300 pounds. It has three different sizes, namely 11ft, 7.5ft, and 4ft. These different sizes make it very easy for you to store in your small garage or store when not in use. Rather than go for a trailer that will take up so much space in your store, Seamax is a perfect alternative.

6 seamax portable boat carry launch set

Seamax Portable Boat Carry Launch Set

$625.00  in stock
2 new from $625.00
as of 23.06.2024 00:50

The aluminum frame is lightweight and adjustable with an extendable pole and flexible rear bunks. There are an adjustable front bow support bunk and two 16 inches pneumatic wheels. The maximum dolly payload is 250 lbs with air pressurized tires of 15 PSI but a maximum PSI of 20. You can transport inflatable boats as long as 13ft or fiberglass boats of 14ft. Small boats of 15ft will fit well on this trailer, but you can add extra hitch attachments to tow golf carts or ATVs if you wish to. Assembling or disassembling Seamax takes only 10 minutes.

Seamax can be used for moving different hardware with q maximum speed of 10 km per hour. We recommend you use a manual pump to inflate the tires so they are not over-inflated. Also, the hand dolly is not ideal for regular road use but solely for the purpose for which it was manufactured.


  • Durable trailer
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Portable size


  • Not ideal for regular highway use

Krypt Towers Multisport Portable Trailer

Last but not least, in our review, the best inflatable boat trailer is Krypt Towers portable carry and launch trailer for small boats. This model has three sizes, namely the 4, 7.5, and 11-foot sizes for kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and SUPs. It has a hand dolly for transporting small watercraft by road from the storage to the launch site. Due to its portable size, it is maneuverable even in tight places. Also, note that it had a collapsing design, so when it is no longer in use, you can collapse the length, so you will only need a smaller space to store it.

7 krypt towers multisport portable trailer

Krypt Towers Multisport Portable Trailer

 out of stock
as of 23.06.2024 00:50

Krypt has oversized tires of 16 inches for paved and sandy terrain. While some other tires may find it hard to roll smoothly across smooth surfaces, this one will perform just fine on such surfaces. However, they are not meant for highways and road use because they lack the traction that conventional tires have. Included in the package is a grab and hitch handle with an optional T Bar hand for pushing by hand.

Krypt Towers is a dependable and reliable boat trailer for your transport needs. It is quite affordable and easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • Maneuverable
  • High-grade tires
  • Flexible design


  • Not fit for heavier boats.

Top-Rated Inflatable Boat Trailers Buying Guide

Selecting the best inflatable boat trailer from among a long list of options is never an easy task for two reasons. First of all, inflatable boat trailer quality cannot be judged based on looks alone. Secondly, not all trailers have the same weight capacity, so if you are looking to buy one, you need to do your due diligence so you don’t end up paying for a poor-quality trailer.

Below, we highlight the features to look out for when choosing an inflatable boat trailer. We hope that after reading our buying guide, you should be able to choose the right.

Load Capacity

When shopping for a trailer, one of the most important features to look out for is the load capacity of the boat. As we pointed out in the previous paragraph, different trailers have different capacities, so you want to ensure that the one you buy is strong enough to handle your boat’s weight. If you have a small-sized inflatable dinghy, a trailer with 300 lbs capacity will do. If it is a medium-sized boat of under 12ft, a 600 lbs trailer will be fine. However, for longer boats of 15ft and above, we recommend a trailer with 1000 lbs and above.

Heavy Duty trailers are what you need for hauling heavy boats, and those are the ones you should be looking to buy, especially if you have snowmobiles and ATVs or any other hardware you may often haul from time to time. The more weight the trailer can handle, the better.

Ease Of Use

You should also consider the trailer’s ease of use. You want models with flexible rear bunks, extendable poles, and adjustable front rows. If the trailer has flexible design features, transporting cargo with it will be very easy, unlike models with rigid structures that cannot be altered to suit your unique needs. We recommend you buy one with a hitch attachment which will make it easy to you to tow it behind a utility vehicle or a golf cart. No matter how good a trailer is, if it is not easy for the average user, its usefulness is limited.


You should also consider the quality of the construction. The best inflatable trailers are built with high-quality materials that are durable and will stand the test of time. The materials we speak of have to be strong materials like aluminum or steel. If they are coated with powder, they protect well against rust. The frames should also be built with steel, not wood, plastic, or any other breakable material. As long as the material is strong, the trailer will not break down when in motion with your cargo on it.


Trailers are sold at different prices depending on the brand and the weight capacity. So before you start searching for a suitable one, ask yourself what your needs are and limit your search to what you need. Also, bear in mind that trailers with higher load capacity will cost more than others with a lower capacity. Also, popular brands like Vevor will cost more than not-so-popular brands.

So there are different factors that influence the price. But bear in mind that price is not always the best determinant of value. So don’t make your decision on the basis of price; rather, let your load requirement influence your decision.


The wheel quality also matters a great deal because they bear the brunt of your boat’s weight. So only go for the ones with air-pressurized pneumatic wheels. The wheels must be sturdy and at least 4.8 inches above the ground. This will ensure that it turns smoothly when in motion and is maneuverable.


Is the trailer easy to assemble or difficult? The best trailers are easy to assemble and not complicated. Check if it has a user manual to serve as a guide. If it does not, don’t buy it but go for something else. Ideally, a good trailer should be set up in a short time.


Do Boat Trailers Require Towing Licenses?

No, they do not exist since the cargo they tow is not heavy cargo. All you need is your driver’s license which covers you as a driver and nothing more. Towing licenses are only required for larger cargo. However, we advise you to check local laws to be sure that you don’t get into any trouble.

Do I Need To Register Any Trailer?

It depends on what the law says in your area. Some states require registration, while others do not. Registering your trailer has a benefit, though. In case it is stolen, you can track it down. Secondly, registration will help you if you are using it to transport your boat across state lines into states that require trailers to be registered.

What is The Minimum Load Capacity I Should Go For?

The minimum should be what your boat requires. If your boat weighs 500 lbs, don’t buy a trailer with a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. Let your boat requirements determine which one you go for. Also, look beyond your current needs and make adjustments. Having a trailer that can carry extra weight is a good idea.

Do I Need Brakes?

For trailers with total weights of 3000 lbs and above, brakes are required, but since most inflatable boat trailers can carry this much, you most likely don’t need to add brakes. This would not compromise safety in any way.

Are Foldable Trailers The Best?

Yes, they are because they have storage value. If you have limited space to keep the trailer, a foldable design will be great. You will only need less space to store it after use rather than sacrifice so much space in your store.

Should Price Determine My Choice?

Price is important, but it should not. Rather, let the size and weight of your boat determine your choice of trailer. As long as it is stronger enough to handle the weight and the build materials are of good quality, the price should count for less.

Last updated: 13/05/2023

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