Best Saturn Inflatable Boats Reviews (2023)

best saturn inflatable boats reviews
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Saturn inflatable boats are among the most sought-after inflatable pleasure boat brands in the market and have been for a while now. Their Boats are not only durable, but they are also affordable and provide you with the perfect launchpad to explore your favorite water activities.

They come in different sizes and capacities, but all have one thing in common; they serve as small boats for water exploration.

To help you make the right choice, we made Saturn inflatable boat review on sale below. Please feel free to read our review and make your choice.

1. Saturn 11ft Inflatable Boat

This Saturn inflatable boat dinghy is of the Triton series with new improvements to make your sailing an amazing experience. It has upgraded features to provide safety and comfort when you are on the water. The PVC construction is heat welded at the seam to ensure longevity. Furthermore, the Leafield inflation valves are perfect for keeping air locked inside the tube, but you can easily deflate them by opening the valve.

saturn 11ft inflatable boat

This Saturn inflatable boat is sold with a three-year warranty cover, so should anything happen to it, rest assured that the manufacturer will be responsible for the repairs. However, the warranty does not cover light tears.

Saturn 11ft boat has three carry handles, three separate air chambers, and an Inflatable keel chamber. The keel stabilizes the boat, so water currents do not rock the inflatable raft and unbalance everyone on board. The keel also has a deep V shape and a rub strake protector for easy planning.


  • Double-layer fabric for extra thickness
  • Strong aluminum benches
  • Quality PVC fabric
  • Lightweight


  • Limited onboard space

2. Saturn 14ft KA Boat

The first one we reviewed was an 11ft Saturn inflatable boat, but this one is a 14ft boat with a rower attached to it. Although it can be powered by an outboard motor and motor mount, the manufacturer essentially built it with a rower. This Kayak works with engines and paddles. The transom is designed with marine-grade wood attached at the stern to hold an outboard engine. Sailing on this lightweight inflatable boat, despite its 14ft size, is enjoyable, which is what makes it the ideal vessel for surfing and kneeboarding.

saturn 14ft ka boat

Saturn 14ft KA Boat

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as of 22.04.2024 03:17

Saturn KA Boat has aluminum seats made with space-saving designs. Even if all the seats are installed, there is still sufficient space to put your gear. The drip stitch floor on which the seats rest is also sturdy; it will not sink under the weight of passengers or gear. Let us also add that it is made of simple fast and is one of the best choices for sailing and pleasure fishing.

Among the features are the triangular splash guards to protect transom holders from UV rays and heat exposure. The plastic handles are also UV resistant and soft. The valve placement is also strategic for easy inflation and deflation and to protect inflatable watercraft from the sun. Suffice it to say that this Saturn inflatable fishing boat is a quality vessel for multiple water activities. This Saturn inflatable boat will work with a 10hp motor, but you will need more power if you plan to load it to full capacity for your voyages.


  • Quality fabric
  • Seamless design
  • UV protected parts


  • The Heytex fabric requires regular maintenance after use to stay in shape.

3. Saturn 15ft KaBoat

In third place is the Saturn 25ft inflatable boat with a capacity to carry up to 6 passengers plus a child. This model is both a kayak and a cross-over boat for fishing, surfing, and short voyages not very far from land. It was released in 2021 but has been upgraded ever since to make it more modern and efficient. The inflatable boat is built with Heytex fabric with all-improved C7 inflation valves. If you buy this model, just know that you are buying a patented vessel that is both a dinghy and an inflatable kayak. This makes it an adaptable vessel in both slow and fast-moving waters.

saturn 15ft kaboat 1

Saturn 14ft KA Boat

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as of 22.04.2024 03:17

The structure has two sets of rowing oars for rowers, but you still have the option of using an outboard motor to power it for more speed and less physical effort. Saturn 15 is versatile with triangular splash guards on the transom to minimize UV rays and backsplashes. Unlike other models with plastic handles, this one is designed with excellent resistance to the sun soft handles.

The bench attachments are made of solid plastic and are stable, light, and create more space for passenger luggage. The manufacturer has designed every single detail in the boat with light materials so as not to overburden the inflatable boat and make it heavier. Despite its length, it can move fast when powered by a strong motor with limited weight on board.


  • Durable chambers and tubes
  • Strong fabric
  • Sufficient space for gear


  • Hard to make quick turns if the boat is loaded to capacity.

4. Saturn 18ft Inflatable Boat

If you like to sail with a large traveling party or you just like to relax on the water with a couple of friends, the last thing you’ll want is a boat that has limited space for your crew. To address the need for space, we recommend this 18ft boat to enjoy all the freedom you want. This one is a part of the Triton series with an upgraded PVC construction. It has a C7 valve and extra exterior air chamber tubes for more safety. With this vessel, you should never worry about experiencing a capsize because it is built for stability. However, it is important to note that just like other inflatable boats, it is only meant for rivers and lakes and not expansive oceans with strong waves.

saturn 18ft inflatable boat 1

This model is for commercial and private use; the heavy-duty design has three exterior chambers, extra 20-inch buoyancy tubes, and a thick rub strake fabric. Below the benches is the 6-piece boat that will hold all the weight onboard without putting the chambers below at risk.

For a boat that can accommodate up to 10 passengers at a go, you have the perfect watercraft for your future excursions. But kindly note that you will need a reliable motor to carry the PVC boat as relying on the paddle will make progress slow, especially when it is loaded to capacity.


  • Sufficient space for gear
  • Leg room for passengers
  • Extra thick PVC layers to reduce tear
  •  Flexible design to add more components


  • Quite expensive
  • It takes a lot of effort to maintain

5. Saturn 16ft Rescue Boat

Last but not least on our Saturn inflatable boats review is this 16ft Rescue boat. This is the latest 2022 model of the Triton series, which makes flexible upgrade potential possible. This makes that if you buy this boat, you can safely alter the component in the future to reflect your sense of style and needs. Just like the others on this list, it has a C7 inflation valve and an upgraded PVC body, and the seams are not glued but heat welded, so the fabric stays in place for a long time to come. The construction is also quite commendable because it has all the features of a dive and rescue boat.

saturn 16ft rescue boat

Saturn Rescue inflatable dinghy had new technological features, which is why when you take it for missions, it will not disappoint. Its sleek design allows you to navigate narrow rocky terrains that many other boats cannot pass through. The hull is shallow, so you don’t run the risk of running it aground in shallow waters compared to other deep hull inflatables. The one-way drain valve allows for seamless air draining after use with a rounder rubber strake. There is also a safety valve in place to prevent overinflation. So when you pump, and the tubes reach their limit, the safety valve will prevent more air from going which could compromise the tubes.

As for the air chambers, this rescue Saturn boat has five air chambers for buoyancy. These chambers are independent of each other, and collectively they keep the boat above water. The chamber design guarantees stability, safety, and comfort and also allows you to carry significant weight on board. When it comes to fabric quality, Saturn has a double-layer PVC that overlaps for extra protection and ruggedness. This rescue boat offers full value, and you can use it for other activities as well.


  • Multipurpose value
  • Highly stable due to advanced buoyancy
  • Durable rubber strake
  • Complete set of classic accessories to get started
  • It can carry up to 10 people


You need a strong outboard motor to get the best of it, and this will cost you a princely price


Saturn inflatable boats are tested and trusted, so when they are called for duty, they never disappoint. While all the models we reviewed are good quality, let your budget and preference influence your choice.

Saturn Inflatable Boat FAQ

How much does a Saturn boat cost?

There isn’t a fixed price for a Saturn boat. The boat’s size, length, and capacity is a huge price determinants.

Which fabric is used to make them?

Saturn uses Heytex PVC fabric, often folded in double layers for more durability.

Last updated: 13/05/2023

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