Aleko Inflatable Boats (Reviewed 2023)

aleko inflatable boats
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Sailing or fishing in calm waters is a favorite activity for many lovers of water, and nothing beats the value of a quality Aleko inflatable boat. Aleko boats have attained a sort of legendary status in the boating industry, and it is the go-to brand for boaters looking for an affordable but durable and the best inflatable boat to take for a water ride.

Boasting quality fabrics and a spacious interior, you can’t go wrong with these modern and flexible boats. Their design also makes it possible to add personalized components to suit the unique needs of the user.

So based on popular design, we bring you the most sought-after Aleko boats online. They cost different prices, but they are affordable and built for longevity. Kindly have a look and find the right one for you amongst the best aleko inflatable boats.

1. Aleko Heavy Duty Inflatable Raft Fish Dinghy Boat

The first one we want to look at is this heavy-duty fishing raft and dinghy boat with multi-purpose value. The BT250 model is 8.4ft long and designed for heavy-duty workload. You can use it for fishing, water sport, or even sailing through crystal clear waters. Aleko’s design is so dynamic that it can handle a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke outboard engine. Besides sports and fishing, you can also use it for river rafting, diving, search and rescue, and other vocational purposes.

aleko heavy duty inflatable raft fish dinghy boat

Aleko Heavy Duty Inflatable Raft Fish Dinghy Boat

 out of stock
as of 20.04.2024 20:56

The inflatable boat was tested with short and long shaft engines, and it passed in flying colors. When it comes to fabric durability, this boat comes tops with its 1.2mm thick polyester fabric coated with anti-corrosive materials. The fabric is tough and will not tear air wear out. As for the aluminum flooring set, it is made of aluminum, a bench, and two aluminum oars. Then you have the tie-down straps to hold the fuel tank and battery boxes in place. Aleko also has a one-way drain valve for air release.

This inflatable fishing boat is a valuable pleasure vessel for short offshore trios that is suitable for small rivers and lakes. It is affordable and easy to steer.


  • 4 mounted carry handles for easy lifting
  • Oarlocks to hold oats in place
  • Quality valves
  • Aluminum floor


  • A repair kit is not included in the package

2. Aleko Camouflage Style Pro Fishing Boat with Aluminum Floor

Second, on our list is this Aleko Pro camouflage inflatable fishing boat with front board hoarders. It is 10.5ft long and designed with high-performance features that make it stable even in regions with a strong current. This sport and fishing dinghy is lightweight but at home in fresh water and salt water habitat. It has a portable and lightweight design for easy assembly. This makes it one of the fastest inflatables of its size, especially if you decide to propel it with an outboard engine.

aleko camouflage style pro fishing boat with aluminum floor

Aleko Camouflage Style Pro Fishing Boat with Aluminum Floor

$1,199.00  in stock
as of 20.04.2024 20:56

Aleko pro is easy to assemble with a few steps and is extremely portable. You can take it for your diving and camping trips, and its lightweight will make it easy for you to take it to the launch site. The attractive camouflage style is also worth mentioning too. It has aluminum oars of the highest quality for rowing, and the transom is specially designed to handle a maximum weight of 110 pounds 2 or 4 stroke engines. It has been tested for safety and comfort before launching into the water, and you get nothing but efficiency throughout.

On the sides are convenient to grab lines for carrying it to the launch site. Furthermore, it has separate internal air chambers, so if one of them is compromised, the other will function normally. Aleko pro had the down straps, carrying handles, oar holders, a one-way drain valve, and carry and storage bags, among other essentials.


  • Attractive camouflage design
  • Sleek and compact
  • Quality benches
  • Lightweight
  • Aluminum floor


  • Prepackaged repair kit bag not included

3. Aleko Inflatable Fishing Boat with Hard Wood Floor

Looking for quality boats, what are the standard floors that can handle the onboard weight? We recommend this Aleko black inflatable boat with a hardwood floor. Boasting an impressive 10.5ft length, it is a saltwater and freshwater vessel for pleasure. So you don’t need to worry about the inflatable boat not being fit for the nature of the water as this one is designed for both. This fishing boat is designed for streams, rivers, ponds, and water inlets where there are no waves and the currents are not too strong. The length creates enough space to keep your gear and to carry about 5 people on board for trips.

aleko inflatable fishing boat with hard wood floor

Aleko Inflatable Fishing Boat with Floor

 out of stock
as of 20.04.2024 20:56

The wood floor also makes it an excellent vessel for camping, tending, river rafting, diving, and of course, fishing. If you have a strong engine, you can also use it for kneeboarding and surfing too in water parks where it is allowed. Aleko works with 15-inch and 20-inch shaft engines, but of the duo of you want optimum performance, the 15-inch long shaft engine is the best for peak performance. Furthermore, it has multiple user-friendly features to make handling fun. It is easy to set up and durable, and you can store it easily in your garage, attic, or storage room when it is not in use because it doesn’t take up too much ground space.

The manufacturer has made the air chambers separate to minimize the overall impact on the inflatable boat should one of the chambers suffer a leak. It also has a one-way valve to drain away air. Also important to note is that inflating it with air using a foot pump. The wood floor is the statement feature of this model since you can relax comfortably on the deck, and the floor will not sink, nor will a depression be created in any area.


  • Rigid and durable
  • Built for safety and comfort
  • Wide internal space


  • A foot pump is not included in the accessories

4. Aleko 8.4 Pre Installed Fishing Boat with Slide Slat Floor

This 8.4 pre-installed fishing boat is a slat slide floor vessel for personal use. The floor is already installed before it is sold to the buyer, so extra effort is not required by you to set it up. This unique feature also allows the user to extract the floor at the end of the voyage without ruining the shape or harming the inflatable boat in any way. Aleko is extremely portable with a compact size and lightweight features. This makes it an ideal vessel for fishing in shallow waters since it does not have a deep hull. You can also take it camping and transporting it shouldn’t be a problem because it is lightweight.

aleko 8.4 pre installed fishing boat with slide slat floor

Aleko Inflatable Fishing Boat with Floor

 out of stock
as of 20.04.2024 20:56

We, like many other buyers, rate it very highly because it is sold in ready to use form. The only alterations you will need to do is if you want to install an outboard motor. Even with that, you have the option of going for a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. Unlike other models that can take a 100 pounds engine, this one can only work with an engine that is not heavier than 75 pounds. Furthermore, you also have the luxury of deciding whether you want to use a 15 or 20-inch shaft motor; while both will work well, the former will work best because of the compact and lightweight structure of the inflatable boat.

This Aleko inflatable boat ticks all the boxes for quality and durability with it overall 4.5ft internal width and an inner dimension of 1ft and a 2ft transom width and 9.5 inches height. The flooring z bench, oars, straps, and foot pump are all designed to help you get the best out of it, so if you want a small and lightweight boat for your fishing activities, this should be top of your list.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to steer
  • Low maintain vessel


  • A prepackaged repair kit not included

5. Aleko Red & Black Pre Installed Slide Floor (BTSDSL250CM)

Fifth on our list of the best Aleko inflatable boat is this Red and Black model with a pre-installed Slide Floor. If you don’t want the slat slide floor of the previous model we reviewed above but prefer something a little bit more straightforward, then you should go for this one. It is easy to set up, and you don’t have to expend effort on your part setting anything up. This model is delivered to you ready for use; all you need do is rip open the package, use the carry bag to transport it to your desired launch site, inflate it, and you are good to go. It can handle 2 and 4-stroke engines like the others, as well as long and short shaft outboard motors.

aleko red black pre installed slide floor

Aleko Red & Black Pre Installed Slide Floor

 out of stock
as of 20.04.2024 20:56

We recommend this one for fishing and diving, but you can also use it for family adventures if you are not traveling with more than 3 people on board. Due to the level of impact onboard weight can have on speed, we recommend you go for at least a 10hp engine to speed up trips from one point to another. In addition, the manufacturer has installed tie-down straps for the gas tank and the battery boxes, which will come in handy in case you encounter rough water and stability is at risk.

The overall length is 8.4ft, with an inside length of 5.2ft and an overall width of 4.6ft. Note that a glue pack is not included in the repair kit, so if a part of the fabric tears, you will have to fix it with glue you buy separately.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Smart design


  • Not ideal for king distance voyages.


Aleko inflatable sport boats as well as any other Aleko inflatable watercraft comes in different shapes and sizes, and they cost different prices. Feel free to pick a model that satisfies your need and falls under your budget.

Aleko Inflatable Boats FAQ

What is the average lifespan of an Aleko inflatable boat?

An Aleko boat should last for at least 10 years if it is regularly maintained.

Is the Sun bad for Inflatable boats?

Yes, it is. The UV rays of the sun degrade the fabric. Wear and tear are more significant if the boat is made of PVC fabric.

Last updated: 13/05/2023

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