Sea Eagle 14sr Review: Sport Runabout Inflatable Boat

Sea Eagle 14sr Review: Sport Runabout Inflatable Boat
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The Sea Eagle 14sr is one of the best inflatable boats in its category and gets a lot of rave reviews from users. In the Sea Eagle 14sr review we will discover all the top features.

It is a very flexible boat and can adapt to carry more weight while going at top speeds. It is capable of carrying a weight of up to 900 kilograms. Setting up this boat is simple and doesn’t take much effort.

Sea Eagle 14SR Inflatable Sport Runboat with Rigid Floor

$1,686.95  in stock
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The reason why this boat weighs lighter than other boats is because of its lightweight to size ratio. The boat can take on a bigger engine because of the floorboard. The extra balance from the floorboards can help you increase your boat’s speed.

The Sea Eagle 14sr Sport Runabout can carry a lot of stuff with passengers, handle high currents, sail long distances, and go around in any weather condition. You get all of that in a boat, which can be deflated and fitted in the back of your car or an RV. This boat is very transportable and storing them is simple, making it a very advantageous inflatable boat.

Sea Eagle 14sr Review: Sport Runabout Inflatable Boat

Brief Rundown

Any enthusiast desiring a fast, long-lasting and manageable inflatable boat can go for the Sea Eagle 14sr. It is convenient, large in size, and has power. This boat can carry a lot of weight and is very convenient for the police and fire departments. It reaches top speeds, and the external keel makes it a lot of fun while boating around. The 14SR can also be used as fishing boats or services to people that want to go around the open water.

These sturdy, durable boats arrive with hard drop stitch floors. It makes them mobile, costs less and is lighter, making them easy to set up.

The stiff molded floorboards are indestructible too. The toughness of the material makes it incapable of damage or decay from sunlight, chemicals, salt water, etc. The extra weight added by the molded plastic floorboards also helps the boat in maintaining stability while running at top speeds.

This Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts inflatable boat is excellent for anybody that requires something light and easy to carry around. This can be achieved once you deflate the boat. You do not have to remove the drop-stitch inflatable floor and inflate it separately. It inflates along with the 14SR boat, which helps in requiring minimal space for storage. Also, the structure and design of the boat give it an improved ability of balance and provide quite the decent mileage too.

Key Features

Sea Eagle has been producing these SR since 1997 and has not stopped evaluating and upgrading Sea Eagle inflatable boats. The Sea Eagle 14sr Sport Runabout is indeed one of the best boats in their category globally. Here, we will look at some of the features that make the Sea Eagle 14’ Sport Roundabout the best inflatable boat around.

Sea Eagle 14sr Inflatable Boat Review

Weight Capacity

The Sea Eagle 14sr inflatable boat can comfortably carry up to 900 kilograms of weight when inflated. It has an excellent balance in open waters, gives decent mileage, is stable, and has enough space due to its rounded design and immense size.


The safety feature of the 14sr is second to none. Overall, five different air chambers will keep the boat afloat in case of an exceptional puncture in the boat. The inflatable drop stitch floor, the bow chamber, external keel, starboard chamber, and the port chamber make 5 chambers together. So, it is apparent that this feature is top-notch and highly safe.

This boat is not likely to get punctures, but the manufacturers have added another layer along the base to make the boat extra resistant to punctures and scratches. Although the 14sr is a strong boat by itself, it also needs some extra precautionary measures. This is why it has been added with another layer to the base.

Drop Stitch Inflatable Keel

Due to the keel’s mechanism, the 14sr cuts through the water rather than crushing through the waves. The keel also assists the boat in going over waves instead of going through them. This keel helps the boat in making tight turns with accuracy. The Sea Eagle 14sr floors provide additional balance and strength to manage deep-sea situations and start or end journeys. If you desire a rigid and balanced boat, you can opt for the molded polythene floorboard option.

The Sea Eagle 14sr Sport Runabout comes with a drop stitch inflatable keel. This provides several benefits in terms of performance, including the ability to turn sharply and precisely in any direction. This can be extremely helpful when docking or navigating through crowded areas. In addition, the keel also provides extra buoyancy at the bow end, allowing for a safer and more stable ride overall. If you’re looking for a transom boat that can provide superior performance in all types of water conditions, the Sea Eagle 14sr is definitely worth considering.

Set-Up Time and Storage

The Sea Eagle 14sr is super convenient and saves time and energy too. It does not require a trailer to drag the boat into the water. It is very lightweight. It takes only about half an hour to inflate and set up the inflatable floor and another couple of minutes to insert the polythene floorboards. It is also easy to store them in small spaces once they are packed up. The floors and the hull are created to take up very little space, as do the floorboards.


One other super feature of the Sea Eagle 14sr is the boat’s speed. It is swift and can handle up to 25HP to 40HP depending on the boat’s flooring. If it has polythene floorboards, it can go up to a speed of 25-30 miles per hour, depending on the number of passengers. It can also attain a top speed of 20 miles per hour without the polythene floorboards if two adults are seated or 15 miles per hour if there are four passengers.

Grab Line

This boat also comes with handles to grab on to, along the boundaries, for extra precaution, oars for rowing, and rubbing drakes to protect from scratches. It is also easy to tow because of dual D-Rings, carry handles, etc.

Floor Selection

Choosing a floor for your Sea Eagle 14sr inflatable boat will directly impact the speed and performance of the boat. So, you must know what you want for your 14sr. You have a choice between an inflatable drop stitch floor or a plastic kit that is durable and strong.

Drop Stitch Inflatable Floors

The Drop Stitch floors provide excellent toughness and great systemic strength at a fraction of their weight. The boat becomes 41 pounds lighter if you choose to layout a drop-stitch floor which is crucial knowledge to have if you are a yacht owner searching for a lightweight and easy-to-handle inflatable tender. Not just for yacht owners, but this information is essential for anyone looking to own less weight and have a quick setup.

Structural Design of DS Floor

This firm, drop-stitch inflatable floor is also designed to be a structural component of the boat and is more rigid than you think. It is designed so that you can stand on it when on water. The floor can be inflated for a unique hard floor that adds to the structural power and gives a flat floor to stand while foam footpads secure footing and enhance durability.

Benefits of Drop Stitch Inflatable Floor

You get a lot of benefits from the inflatable floor of the 14sr. The inflatable floor rolls up along with the floor for improved storage and makes it easy to inflate and get out on the water. It can be set up faster than the plastic floor, and it is self-bailing, meaning that the shape of the DS floor directs water out as it enters the boat. The motor performance is also excellent when using a lightweight short raft motor.

The drop-stitch floor hardly adds any weight even when fitted to the 14sr, whereas the polythene floor adds more weight to the boat. The drop-stitch floor can also be left in the boat and inflated whenever necessary. It stays intact with the boat when you deflate and box it, making it unnecessary to store them in different spaces. The inflatable floor has a tough enough surface to withstand moderate pressure and is offered a three-year warranty period from Sea Eagle. This is how the inflatable floor has advantages over the plastic floor.

Plastic Floorboards

Although the plastic floor takes more time to get assembled, it improves the performance of the 14sr and is less prone to damages. Emergency services use it in some parts of the world for disaster relief. It is the most resilient floor manufactured by Sea Eagle and takes only a few minutes more than the drop-stitch inflatable floor. The hardness of the polythene improves the performance of the 14sr increasing speed and solidity. The weight it adds to the boat gives it more balance and helps in taking sharp and precise turns in crowded areas.

Benefits of Plastic Floorboards

Natural elements or external chemicals cannot spoil molded plastic floorboards. It has immense structural power and provides a stable standing balance for anglers and boaters. Plastic floorboards come with exceptionally stable platforms for standing and are unbreakable while also being impenetrable by the elements like sun, chemicals, saltwater. They do not get divided into layers and decay like plywood floors and get concaved and heated up like aluminum floors.

Other boat companies do not offer these plastic floors and are exclusively manufactured by Sea Eagle. Sea Eagle inflatable boats with plastic floors sold have crossed the 20,000-mark already.


Hull Weight110 lbs
Beam1.8 m
Length4.2 m
Load Weight900 Kgs
Air Valves5
Tube Diameter9 inches
Speed15-30 km/h
Inflation Duration25-35 Minutes
FloorPlastic, Inflatable
Engine Capacity25-40 HP

Extra Add-On Features

You can also add extra features to your Sea Eagle 14sr inflatable boat by buying packages from the company itself. You can get the inflatable boat repair kit, aluminum bench seat, oars, a foot pump, or a hand pump in case of a drop-stitch floor. You can also get a bow storage bag for transportation and storage purposes.

Swivel Seat Package

Get a 14sr Swivel Honda Seat Motor Package with a Honda 9.9S. It is a dependable and inexpensive workhorse of an outboard with a four-stroke engine. Honda offers a True 5 warranty on this package.

Using the Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts Swivel Seat package, you can also upgrade to power mode. It is an effective set-up for use with an outboard and great for anglers. It is mounted on a sturdy bench near the transom.

Sea Eagle 14SR Inflatable Sport Runboat with Rigid Floor

$1,686.95  in stock
as of 20.06.2024 02:31
ivel Seat Package

Deluxe Package

An excellent option for both pros and first-timers is the Sea Eagle 14sr Deluxe package. It comes with a reliable hull that can be customized to however you want it to be. This package comes with everything you need except the motor.

Deluxe Package

Swivel Seat and Canopy Package

If you are going out to sea for a more extended period, you can include Sea Eagle’s 14sr Swivel Seat and Canopy package for larger boats. It gives you protection from natural elements and is easy to store.

The 14 SR also has an outside inflatable keel, unlike other boats with an internal keel. It makes the boat more balanced, accurate and responsive in all water conditions. The refined lightness of the bow combines with large, rounded side tubes to get the boat into a plane position much quicker. It also allows the boat to make sharp and precise turns, convenient in crowded spaces for docking and water rescue. The inflatable keel elevates balance in the bow, allowing a smooth ride over waves instead of rushing through them.

Swivel Seat and Canopy Package

Sea Eagle 14SR Inflatable Sport Runboat with Rigid Floor

$1,686.95  in stock
as of 20.06.2024 02:31

Is Sea Eagle a brand with a good reputation?

Sea Eagles are a type of bird found in many parts of the world. They are known for their size, strength, and speed.

Sea Eagle is also a brand that has a good reputation. The company has been in business since 1968 and is known for its quality products. Sea Eagle boats are known for their durability and performance, which has made them a popular choice for both recreational and commercial users.


The Sea Eagle 14SR Sport Runabout is a boat that is easy to operate and perfect for anyone that loves to go out boating, fishing, etc. It is long-lasting and can be used for many purposes. The stability this boat provides is very suitable for people that like to go fishing. It also makes standing a lot easier because of the foot pedals attached to the stern.

If you are looking for a boat that is light to carry around and easy to inflate, then you should go for the Sea Eagle Sport Roundabout with the drop-stitch inflatable floors.

However, if you are looking for a more rigid and faster boat, you should go for Sea Eagle 14SR with the polyethylene plastic floorboard.

Altogether, the Sea Eagle 14’ Sport Roundabout is suitable for boat enthusiasts because of its comfort, speed, capacity, and portability.

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