A Guide To Visiting South Korea’s International Wine Fair

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I’d been waiting for Autumn to come since I could remember; not because of the chilly temperatures and colorful trees – there was something else that had been piquing my interest, a trip to the International Wine Fair in Daejeon.

You may find the post I wrote about Korean craft beer here, so you already know that lager isn’t my thing. Imagine my delight when I learned of the opportunity to taste wines from all around the world at Asia’s biggest wine event, the International Wine Fair in Daejeon; sampling for only 10,000 won

Steph, a friend and fellow wine enthusiast, was eager to come along, so it didn’t take much to persuade Dave to go to any event that involved drinking. We went to the Daejeon Convention Centre (DCC) around noon, paid the modest entrance fee in exchange for a wristband and an empty glass, which I was looking

The vast exhibition hall was filled with booths displaying vintages and spirits from all around the world, as well as wine wholesalers and related arts and crafts.

The bulk of the wine had come from Western Europe, but we got to try some Mongolian vodka and traditional Korean brews.

Steph & Dave are waiting to try some Spanish wine.

The main attraction at the International Wine Fair is the Asia Wine Trophy competition. The contest, which was judged by 160 wine experts, received almost 4,000 wines from across the world. While we were there, the winner hadn’t been determined, but our favorite was a seasonal Spatburgunder Rose produced in Germany; it was warm and sweet.

Heaven on earth, the free wine tasting zone arrived just when we thought it couldn’t get any better. After all of the samples, I was certain that my eyes were deceiving me, but there was in fact a free wine tasting area, pour as much as you like and whenever you want.

For the next group of tasters, the tasting zone is being restocked.

Steph and I felt like children at Christmas as we downed numerous glasses of prosecco and sparkling wine, while Dave made his way down the table of reds.

We just walked outside the hotel to the food court in Hanbit Tower Square, where we discovered several pizza and kebabs trucks as well as Korean street food on hand.

We were back in the game for round two, this time in front of the Hanbit Tower. A ballroom dancing competition in front of the Hanbit Tower.

We spent around five hours at the wine festival, and I dare you to spend more time there without dozing off in the corner. We had plenty of time to go from booth to booth and try all kinds of wines from Mongolia to Moldova. The servers were nice and helpful, but they didn’t push us to make any purchases.

The holiday is really cheap, and it’s ideal for wine enthusiasts who’ve had to give up pints for pins while living in Korea.

We found the ideal wine bottle rating 9/10: The International Wine Fair is a must-see if you enjoy wine and spirits, offers excellent value for money, and is an excellent way to sample a wide range of wines from all corners of the globe. If you wanted to purchase a bottle or two.

The Daejeon Convention Centre is located in Kwanghwamun-dong, Sungnam-gu, which you’ll reach from Intercity Bus Terminal. There are four ways to get from the Express Bus Terminal to the DCC.

Last updated: 20/12/2022

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