How is the Cancun Weather in December?

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Cancun is a beautiful destination for all seasons. I am going to tell you when it’s best, and what you can expect at each time of year in this article! The weather ranges from highs around 80 degrees Fahrenheit down low around 70 during nighttime hours or on overcast days (with an average temperature). 

December through February tend to be dry with less rain than other months. However they do still have some tropical storms which means that waves may get higher depending upon where along the coast we find ourselves. 

While there’s also more showers throughout March and early April before coinciding into May hurricanes start popping up regularly by late June/early July bringing lotsa wind gusts but not much. 

I always check the weather before traveling to a destination because not only do I need to know what kind of climate and vegetation are present, but also wildlife.

Cancun Weather in December at a Glance

The heat and humidity in Cancun makes for a great escape during the summer months, but it’s not always easy to enjoy. Christmas Day will be much more expensive than other weekends or holidays since there is little chance of seeing snowfall here! 

The average temperature on December 25th has been 22°C over both years we’ve recorded data so far – which would rise up past 28º at its warmest part of the afternoon time period (about 3:00pm).

Cancun is a paradise for people who want to enjoy the sun without getting burned. The temperature in Cancún always stays around 28°C during winter, making it perfect timing if you’re looking forward to visiting this destination! 

It also has much lower nighttime lows than other parts of Mexico at an average low range between 21-24 degrees celsius (70 – 75 fahrenheit).

Cancun weather in December – What to Expect

The perfect way to spend a hot, sunny day is by swimming in water that’s just cool enough and the evenings on your terrace while enjoying some fresh air.

The best time for adventure: it should neither rain often nor does nighttime entangle you with too many mosquitoes!

There are a lot of things in this world that you can’t see but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. The sky is one such example for many reasons including its clearness and brightness when compared with other times during the year which makes up about 75% to 80%. 

In fact, December marks not only the end date on what was traditionally seen as wintertime back when people had no power from their homes or businesses due mainly because all sources were used by humans instead turning them off at nightfall–nowadays we call these periods – Dry Season: January through March.

The water is so clear in this part of the world that you can see fish and coral without even having to get wet.

A fantastic place for snorkeling, diving or just taking an afternoon swim; it never rains but if it did then there would be little visibility due to rainwater turbidity (cloudiness).

Cancun is a vacation hotspot in December, and with the heat of summer still on it can get quite hot. You won’t need an excessive amount of clothing at all times because you’ll be sweating less than if this was during winter months!

The best part about visiting Cancún? The weather never changes – meaning there will always be some sunny days for your perfect beach trip (or even just laying by one).

Humidity is only 80%! I know you are saying WHAT!? but it’s the lowest it can go in Cancun, so I’ll take it. This time of year people from North America come over for our winter front and bring their cold winds that keep temperatures lower than they would be otherwise. 

Especially when homes have no heating systems or coats to protect us from getting too chilly out on these long nights with little moonlight shining through dark clouds above us as we try craig a few hours sleep before heading back home after work- which isn’t easy without electricity being available 24/7 here like many other parts around Mexico City. 

Cancun is a popular destination for Mexican people to escape the cold of winter. The inhabitants wear warm clothing and enjoy being outside year-round, but this doesn’t go unnoticed by those living in other parts of Mexico who make fun at how Cenitzians dress up during cooler months when it’s time to return indoors again!

The perfect kind of weather to do all the activities, including visiting an archeological site without getting heat stroke and enjoying watersports. 

If you are sensitive to cool seawater feel free pack a jacket!

Humidity and Rain in Cancun in December

If you are looking to book a hotel in Cancun before hurricane season ends, now is the time. It’s predicted that no hurricanes will hit this area between October and April so it shouldn’t rain too much during those months either! Cancun is a wonderful place to visit in December, just make sure you’re prepared. 

The forecast reports that there will be between 6 and 8 rainy days throughout the month with an average wind speed of 9mph; this could mean rain all day long or only light showers one after another but it’s hard to predict what kind of weather we can expect each day! 

Humidity levels are expected to stay at around 75%. For those boat lovers out there: know your limits because our seas may become rough from time-to-time due both waves crashing against cliffs as well strong winds coming off shore during these stormy periods. 

I know that December is an expensive month to travel, but Cancun has some great events planned!  For example:

The Beach Break concert series will be hosting performances from artists like Pitbull and Selena Gomez. The list goes on with lots of other awesome stuff in store for you this winter season—you won’t regret checking out all these fun activities while staying at one luxurious hotel or another located near Playa del Carmen beachfront.

An annual tradition, the Cancun Marathon is an event that allows runners from all over to come together and experience flat terrain with beautiful scenery. Each year on December 1st athletes gather at the starting line in order for them to run 13 kilometers (eight miles) through Boulevard Kukulkan where they’ll be greeted by mariachis upon arrival or departure depending if it’s their victory lap around town!

Final Thought

December is a wonderful time to get out and about in the Yucatan Peninsula. You may find that some water-based tours are canceled due high seas, but all land-based ones will be operating 7 days per week during this month!

The lower temperatures mean you’ll have an even more enjoyable experience as well with fewer people around making your tour lots less crowded too!

Last updated: 20/12/2022

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